Top 5 Most Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2013

"Thankfully, the Vita is looking to bounce back this year with a varied lineup of games (including a highly-anticipated first-party, first person shooter) and and new apps to keep gamers coming back to Sony’s flagship handheld.

With that, let’s begin our list of the top 5 most anticipated PS Vita games of 2013!" - JTM Games

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miyamoto1609d ago

1 Soul Sacrifice
2 Phantasy Star Online 2
3 Muramasa: Rebirth
4 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
5 Tearaway
6 KillZone Mercenary

Baylex1609d ago

My list is:

1 Killzone Mercenary
2 Phantasy Star Online 2
3 Persona 4
4 Tearaway
5 Soul Sacrifice
6 Ragnarok Odyssey
7 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

This list is for Europe ;) we don't have wither Ragnarok and neither P4

TheGrimOfDeath1609d ago

You do know that there is a possibility that Phantasy Star Online won't come to NA or EU right?

Baylex1609d ago

Yeah maybe.. but I'm gonna be optimistic :)

1nsomniac1609d ago

You do know that P4 is available in Europe as well right?

morganfell1609d ago

My next purchase is NGS2 Plus. Good to see the North American release uses blood and decapitation.

Plenty of great originals coming this year as well but I am glad to see Sigma2 as Sigma has been a blast on the Vita.

Baylex1608d ago

@ 1nsomniac yes I do know, but not in my country lol better make that list only for Portugal xD

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MEsoJD1609d ago

That's actually an awesome list of games.

r211609d ago

Good list, btw Soul Sacrifice is being released for US and Europe a month after Japan release :D Good job Sony!

MasterCornholio1609d ago

Wow only a month later that is much faster than the localization of Gravity Rush.

r211609d ago

True, Im guessing cause everyone just wants this game. Guessed Sony listened to the gamers demands! :D

cpayne931609d ago

Trend Micro says this is a dangerous page.

Just fyi.

I'm looking forward to Soul Sacrifice, Killzone, and Tearaway the most.

mcstorm1609d ago

Looks a good year for the hand held consoles. I hope the PSV sales pick up this year with some of these games.

kwiksilver991609d ago

killzone mercenary,soul sacrifice and tearaway for me.....need a good online mp game for my vita...stuck with cod:declassified atm :(

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