Xbox Live is (Kind Of) Down // LevelSave

Xbox Live is having a service outage at the moment, affecting an unknown number of players - including's Xbox 360 Editor, Austin Griffith.

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TekoIie1189d ago

Yeh just tried to sign in and it failed. Ran a connection test and it signed me in with a service alert :/

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31189d ago

Yeah, me too but after about 3 minutes I'm back to netflix...

Lvl_up_gamer1189d ago

yup. I was disconnected and then 5 minutes later was back on.

However it was a bit of an annoyance. I was down 4-0 in MLB 2K12 and came back to 4-6, no outs, man on 3rd and in the bottom of the 7th inning....then BAM. Disconnected from XBL. NOOOO!!!! I was pissed. So I put NBA 2K13 in and 5 min later XBL was back up.

Oh well.

TheHater1189d ago

You get what you paid for right...

I just hope they don't blame this on Amazon cloud like Netflix did a few weeks ago.

IAMERROR1189d ago

yeah man, dat 20 minutes was dreadful

Lvl_up_gamer1189d ago

It was down 5 min.....

How long was PSN down last month? 3 DAYS!!!!

Ya you get what you pay for.

IAMERROR1189d ago

I was affected! I was playing Tales of Vesperia and talking to friends in a party and then I got disconnected D: Looked online and found out it was a service alert

SignifiedSix1189d ago

I can connect, but cant play BF3. Can play the Crysis 3 beta though. I'm getting sick of this to be honest. I've benn and XBL member for 5 years and this has been happening weekly for a while now.

I pay 60 a year for what, to be disconnected from the service once a week? i wont stand for that much longer.

I guess its time to start saving up for a PC...

And no, I'm not trolling. my GT is SignifiedSix. been a member forever!

hazardman1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Don't LIE dude, it hasn't been happening on weekly basis! You sound like someone who read an earlier article about how great the PS+ service was and came in here to talk shit bout LIVE . Trollingass fool.. sound like the person who farts and is the 1st to point out it wasn't them. Shitting all over yourself and shit. I'm not a troll, I'm just saying.

@calis, wow I'm amazed! How the hell you know I was Bipolar dude!!
Its not easy dealing with it, but fuck it!!

calis1189d ago

You may not be a troll but based on what you wrote, you may have mental problems.

Skate-AK1189d ago

The Battlefield 3 servers for PS3 and 360 were taken down for around 8 hours today.

Intentions1189d ago

Yeah.....this article is old now eh.

Kingthrash3601189d ago

My ps3 last week.. Now this..... 2013 is looking bad connection wise.

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