Lucretia Actress Lucy Lawless Talks War of the Damned And Spartacus Legends Game

At the NYC premiere of Spartacus War of the Damned, actress Lucy Lawless was in town to talk about Lucretia's departure, the final season of the show and how video games will keep the legend alive in this exclusive interview.

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VanguardOfCalamity1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

show has never been the same without Andy Whitfield - RIP Spartacus

LOGICWINS1636d ago

Yeah, its MUCH better now. More action, better sex scenes etc. Liam made me forget about Andy in three episodes. My only complaint is that he's not muscular enough and doesn't have enough scars.

Dwalls11711635d ago

Omg what if Sony Santamonica did this?!?!?!

Mind Blown

InTheLab1635d ago

I thought the back story with Gannicus was terrible but Liam really did do a fantastic job as Sparticus. Give it a chance. Andy Whitfield was amazing but Liam is filling out the role quite nicely.

It took a while but I was finally sold and pumped for more Sparticus when they were trapped on that mountain...

haymoza1636d ago

Ever since I was an early teen, I always wanted to see Xena Warrior Princess' tits.
Thank you Spartacus for fulfilling my dreams.

LOGICWINS1636d ago

She still has a great bod considering her age. In Season One, I was shocked at how good she looked.

Gamefan121635d ago

Same as both of you .. she looks good for her age