Prepare Your Body for Smash Bros

VGU's Nate Gamer gets you ready for a year of Smash Bros news in this article discussing everything we know and everything we can assume about Nintendo's forthcoming mascot fighting game.

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vork772119d ago

prepare what there no character list or trailer

DEATHxTHExKIDx2119d ago

Have it play like melee cause brawl is so slow.

RogueStatus282119d ago

Characters you should expect:
Shulk from Xeno, Chrom and Masked Marth from Fire Emblem Awakening, Little Mac, Krystal from StarFox, Geno, and MegaMan.

EddieNX 2119d ago

If Shulk's not in it , I'm walking to sakurai's house and demanding Shulk.

Picture this. hold down B = MONADOOOOOO BUSTAAAAA!!!!!
It has to be............

Everyone else can swivel , just give me Shulk and the regulars. Oh and Xant and Girahim...... and Mewtwo....... oh and Magnus from KIU....

JaggedCarpet2119d ago

I think Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia is a real possibility. Namco said they'd like to have a Tales character in to increase exposure to the series.

WiiUsauce2118d ago

I really want little Mac to be playable,but I doubt Geno, Megaman and Krystal will be in the next Smash.

Trunkz Jr2118d ago

A Character they should add from Pokemon to play as is N. I don't mean as a trainer either I mean as a melee fighter.

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showtimefolks2119d ago

yeh let's get excited about a game not coming till 2014, and has no character list and no trailer yet we should prepare our-self?

sony or ms announce something in advance and media is oh what the heck most of these aren't coming for 12-24 months but nintendo can do the same yet they did a excellent job?

sony should announce Vita is gonna get Uncharted,Resistance,ratchet,K illzone,Gt etc, but nothing for a year lol

give me a break gaming media still looks at Nintendo as their 1st crush and a lot of times nintendo gets a free pass when other don't

Chidori2118d ago

Well aren't you a little sour? In case you forgot: the Smash Bros franchise is one of the most popular and beloved in gaming. It's coming, we know it. That alone is enough to be excited. It's official unveil is also a few months away at E3, so even if we basically know nothing about the game right now, I think fans have every right to be excited for the future.

showtimefolks2118d ago

its not about sour or anything, been playing games for 23 years and i honestly feel like Nintendo is gaming media's darling.

where other console makers are criticized for doing what nintendo does yet nintendo gets a A plus every time.

what was so special about N direct? sony should hold a sony direct a announce bunch of stuff for Vita that won't be here for 18 months and watch how they will be flamed out.

MS shouldn't do another halo or epic shouldn't do another gears yet nintendo can do the same franchises again and again for 20 plus year yet its ok.

call me a nintendo hater or whatever you want

god of war

there i announced stuff for sony and ms that will come within next 2 years, so wow both sony and ms have great games coming.

Media's reaction:

oh so many sequels where are the new Ip's


but nintendo makes mostly sequels



we should hold all 3 console makers to same standards, look at the launch of wii-u didn't nintendo learn anything from the way sony launched ps3?

but whatever its my opinion and iu know many will disagree with it but that's why its just an opinion

G-cis2118d ago


"i honestly feel like Nintendo is gaming media's darling."

considering the amount of 3DS and wii U doom article,no just no

Chidori2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Nintendo's classic franchises are way more iconic compared to the likes of Uncharted, Gears and Halo. That's why Nintendo can continue to use the same IP's for years to come. Mario isn't just a video game. He's the face of Nintendo. An icon. These games aren't story driven either, they're reliant on gameplay. As long as the games are fun and people are enjoying them, there's no reason for Nintendo to stop making them. Do you really think that NaughtyDog are capable of keeping the Uncharted series alive following the story of Nathan Drake for the next 10 years? I really doubt it. I'm sure fans wouldn't welcome it either. Instead they create a new IP in The Last of Us which looks great.

Nintendo is finally in the HD era. We've already seen what Sony and Microsoft has to offer in HD, but Nintendo has only just arrived. It's something new for them and people don't know what to expect. They were making amazing games on the underpowered Wii "last gen", so just imagine the possibilities on the new HD Wii U. It's exciting dude. This is what people are thinking. If you feel like everything is being overhyped for no reason, the best advice I can offer for you is to wait for E3.

I'm not sure what mistakes Nintendo made in launching the Wii U though so I don't know what you're talking about. I mean, of course there's always room for improvement, but I think they handled everything well enough. Unlike the ps3, the Wii U isn't priced at 599 US dollars. Sales are steady and Nintendo seems to be satisfied along with their customers.

RogueStatus282119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

What's up w/ the dislikes? Tell me your characters and unlike you, I'd actually say why, then dislike.

Heisenburger2118d ago

It's 'disagree', as in they do not agree.

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