Crysis 3 Beta Delayed for EU PS3 Gamers

PS3 gamers get another delay notice, this time from Crytek as their much anticipated multiplayer beta for Crysis 3 has hit a few issues for EU PS3 systems as Ben from BagoGames explains.

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Nitrowolf21188d ago

This article man, they make it out like it's a big deal

"The PS3 users, still sore for the Skyrim DLC, take another blow with the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta being delayed for EU PS3 owners until tomorrow. This is apparently due to store updates and network processes that are affecting the release date."

"When will Sony and developers get things out on time?"

OMG a day delay, if you call it a delay considering the store update.

jimbobwahey1188d ago

It hasn't been delayed, it was always scheduled to go live on Wednesday because the EU store has always updated on Wednesdays.

Can't say I'm surprised by this supposed article though, since it's written by a talentless hack for a no-name website. They gotta fish for hits somehow I guess?

Vote the site down and get it banned.

BitbyDeath1188d ago

Best to report it, either the author hasn't investigated this properly or they are just trolling for hits.

iamnsuperman1188d ago

"This is apparently due to store updates and network processes that are affecting the release date"

so the beta isn't out till tomorrow because that is when the store updates. Is this such a big issue? I mean everyone in the EU store knows it updates on Wednesdays. The US one happens to be a day earlier.

MrWonderful1188d ago

Can't you just log into a US account and download it?

cloud4951188d ago

Yup, I haven't played it yet but I can download it off an US account.

MrWonderful1188d ago

I live in the states and I've played it. I'm not all that impressed with it.

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tack1291188d ago

"The beta has been delayed due to the EU store receiving their PS Store updates the day after the US store"

You don't say?

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