There’s Nothing Wrong With Resident Evil

There is so much hate on Resident Evil these days but is it warranted? While the series has had a departure from its roots as of late, you can still find that cherished survival horror in the franchise.

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cmurdurr1850d ago

I just wish they could make another game with the same depth and ingenuity as 4...

MaxXAttaxX1850d ago

If Capcom wants to make action games because games like COD sell a lot(they really said that), then why not make a new franchise? Why take a pre-existing franchise that people like and ruin it?

AztecFalcon1850d ago

I liked 6 for what it was. I was just excited to see where the story was going.

Son_Lee1850d ago

Nothing wrong with RE as an action game, but when Capcom still claims it's scary, that's when we get upset.

j-blaze1850d ago

i still love both Capcom and RE series but to say there's "nothing wrong" is wrong, i was crazy defending RE6, after playing it, there were some big mistakes made, i hope this time with the disappointing sales and reviews of RE6 Capcom realize that RE is survival horror not co-op action shooter

Magnagamer2221850d ago

I'm playing it now and it's very glitchy. I like the fast paced action, various gameplay, beautiful graphics and entertaining storyline. Is it scary? I'm startled at certain surprise zombie attacks. But the ongoing tension isn't there. I'm playing the Jake Muller & Sherry Birkin storyline and it's fun.

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