Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two life-to-date sales 529K in US

Joystiq: ''Disney's multiplatform Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two sold 529,000 units over November and December of 2012 in the United States, according to new data provided by the NPD group.''

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chukamachine2146d ago

Awful game. both games.

What a platform game, go play sly cooper. The demo is better then both of these games,lol.

RuperttheBear2146d ago

Nah, the Super Mario Galaxy games would be the best games to get if you wanted a great platform game.

maniacmayhem2146d ago

This game just had ZERO appeal to it. The first one had some buzz just off of the fact it was Mickey in a dark setting, something to the effect of Fantasia. But the sequel just seemed to reek of "oh hum".

koehler832146d ago

How many were they expecting to sell? Honestly.

InTheLab2146d ago

500k...that's a ton for this game...Enslaved took years to break 5ook

Skate-AK2145d ago

Epic Micky 1 made $1 million within the first month even though it was a Wii exculsive.

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