February 2013 PlayStation 3, PS Vita, & PSP Video Game Release Dates in North America and Europe

There’s no arguing that February is a good month for games, and it leads up to a great month of games in March. Even with the delay of BioShock Infinite, you can still expect a bunch of big-name titles, from Dead Space 3 at the beginning of the month to Crysis 3 on the 19th.

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Abash1753d ago

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is one week away!

TrendyGamers1753d ago

It's one of many games that I'll be playing next month, I just hope I have enough time...

EVILDEAD3601747d ago

Dead Space 3..9.75 FTW..

Life is good


Wedge191753d ago

I'm not complaining, but damn this year is coming out swinging! Here's to hoping that it will end on just as high of a note, and I think everyone knows exactly what I mean.

dbjj120881753d ago

Spring is totally overloaded, it's true.

BringingTheThunder1753d ago

took a little while for persona to come to europe

ftwrthtx1753d ago

I'm hoping Crysis 3 looks even better in 3D than Crysis 2

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