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Surgeon Simulator 2013 shows the frightening real-world discrepancy between knowledge and experience

Bossa Studios' game is an extreme exaggeration of how amateur surgeons perform in training simulations ... probably. (Bossa studios, PC, Tech)

SybaRat  +   849d ago
I got this.
Sadie2100  +   849d ago
Surgeon Simulator? Or Surgeon After 5 Martinis?
JeffGrubb  +   849d ago
This is a pretty good simulator of what it feels like to be me.
Tolkoto  +   849d ago
Eat it, Trauma Center.
pandehz  +   849d ago
Ah Doctor Doctor
Brawler  +   849d ago
A++ Im sure he'll live
dsfhwoiuoihsdf   849d ago | Spam
danieldeath  +   849d ago

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