Rogue Star Teaser Trailer

The long awaited first peek at RedBreast Studio's upcoming game, Rogue Star!

Space combat and trading coming soon to iOS. For the latest game details and development news, follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page!

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DragonKnight1365d ago

Rogue Galaxy is a Level 5 game for the PS2. This isn't Rogue Galaxy. Plus this submission has violated a few different rules.

Blastoise1365d ago

This got my hopes up so bad. Couldn't believe what I was reading..

DragonKnight1365d ago

I reported it for the bad title. Considered reporting it for spam too for the "follow us on Twitter and like our facebook page" in the description. Would have reported it for linking to a youtube video, but the rules state that if the channel belongs to a developer then that's ok.

Hicken1365d ago

Well, the title's been changed now.

Dunno how you confuse "Star" with "Galaxy," though. That's a lot of writing to screw up...

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