Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Interview and Screen - Eurogamer

"We can't confirm a release date quite yet - we're working with Microsoft to sort that out," community and PR director Brian Jarrard tells Eurogamer. "There will be a premium, there will be a charge - we're not quite sure what the price will be yet because we're still negotiating that with our publishing partners. It's likely that we'll have 3-4 maps in this pack - probably three like we did last time - and this is the first bit of information we've put out about one of them."

Eurogamer discussed the new map and Bungie's multiplayer map creation process in general with Mike Zak, one of Bungie's talented environment artists. He also provided an exclusive new screenshot of Ghost Town.

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Fishy Fingers3581d ago

blah... blah... blah...

How much bungie?

wow4u3581d ago

The map packs dont cost anything after a little while. If you dont care to pay, just wait a bit.

Thanks for playing.

zonetrooper53581d ago

I reckon its gonna be 800 ms points like last time, I payed for the last maps but the one new map they showed in the last weekly update already looks amazing.

BeaArthur3581d ago

Not sure what they are going to charge? Come on how stupid do you think we are we all know you are going to charge 800 points just like the previous map pack. Most map packs that come out on the marketplace are 800 and this will be no different.

ben8063581d ago

make it free bungie,
or i buy CoD4.... and shoot a kitten


has anyone noticed how M$ keeps saying how its up to the devs if they charge for the content, but then the devs always say they are working on it with the publishers.

be honest guys, you just like charging the crap out of us and ripping us off. no probs through, i am not in a rush, i will wait till they go free. Its not like i am really going to be playing on them anyway...

wow4u3581d ago

There is plenty of free in-game content.

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