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The Game Effect reviews Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

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GribbleGrunger1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Why do I feel compelled to click on every damn review of this game? There are some people on this site that are going to be very happy to know that when I get this game, I'm not going to be on here for a very long time! It's been nice knowing you all. I've made some friends and some 'not' friends, but I must go soon to Ni No Kuni (Jesus I'm a ham)

note to self: must remember to wash my socks.

GribbleGrunger1996d ago

er... are you agreeing that people will be glad to see the back of me, that I'm a ham or that I should wash my socks! I'm deeply wounded ...

Ezz20131996d ago

i agree that you should wash your socks

and also agree with your comment about Ni No Kuni
this is by far the best RPG i Have played in this gen

NewMonday1995d ago

i'm in the same boat waiting for the Euro release, can't concentrate on anything i'm doing these days, will be like that till I get my hands on it.

1996d ago
Sketchy_Galore1996d ago

Damn, I thought this came out today in the UK. It seems I have to wait until Friday. If it wasn't for the sale on classic Final fantasy games I don't think I would make it.

NastyLeftHook01996d ago

oh i KNOW it will alteast get rpg of the year. if not goty.

Lovable1996d ago

This game is so addicting...whenever i play it, I feel like capturing every familiar...

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