Supermassive Games working on AAA next-gen title for Sony

According to the LinkedIn profile of Sunny Mody, Supermassive Games is hard at work on a next-gen title.

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Abash2142d ago

Hopefully it's a great new IP

MONOLITHICIDE2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Sweet! Start the party is fun and hilarious! !
Until Dawn looks awesome.
I hope it's a supermassive awesome new IP that takes after Warhawk mixed with Killzone on scale of MAG and a dash of Twisted Metal.

2141d ago
NastyLeftHook02142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

what kind of games have they made previously?

and this is great news! ps4 is easily going to be revealed at e3 2013.

[email protected]



2142d ago
iChii2142d ago

Until Dawn if I'm not mistaken. Youtube it.

RuperttheBear2141d ago

Dr Who: Eternity Clock, Start the Party and its sequel, Big Match Striker, and Tumble. Loads of *ahem* great games.

ps3vita4life2142d ago

Awesome news!!! Can't wait to find out more about it :)

WeAreLegion2142d ago

I absolutely love their games, apart from Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock. Definitely a different game... :/

I can't wait for Until Dawn though. And whatever this is. ^_^

Liquid_Ocelot2142d ago

Redwood Falls-like game


WeAreLegion2142d ago

Haha. I hope so, too. Man... Redwood Falls looked SOOOOO good! Whatever this game is, I want it to be a big seller for them. They deserve it.

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The story is too old to be commented.