Uncharted 4 Reimagined

Dual Pixels - A dramatically new approach that tickles Naughty Dog’s fancy wouldn’t hurt Uncharted; I’m bias enough to believe they’re too skilled to fail at this.

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Root2146d ago

I kind of trust ND if they wanted to add something into the Uncharted formula. Many other developers end up ruining their franchises but I think ND can give Uncharted improvements which won't hurt the franchise in general but in fact make it better

As I've said all I care about is that the 4th one will have an online like Uncharted 2 as it's MAIN focus while the new changes like every other multilayer game out there will be in the form of a lab or a sub play list.

Another thing is that I want them to focus on Drakes and Elenas relationship, enough with her spilting with Drake and then him meeting up with her half way through the game, I want to see them both go out on the adventure together from the start willingly....maybe to stop the bad guys, find the treasure and save Sully.

I know ND said they wanted us to fill in the blanks but for the flashbacks I want to see

Why they broke up after Drakes Fortune
Why they broke up after Among Thieves
How did Drake propose
Did they get married
What was their wedding like, knowing Drake it probably didn't go smooth
How does Elena know Cutter
Have they been on other smaller adventures
Give us some back story on Elena...what was she like when she was younger

Oh and I know this is highly unlikely but I would like to see Eddie Raja come back. Uncharted is like a classic action film and usually in those films you get a villain who you thought was dead but ends up coming back. We don't know how far that fall was, he could of landed on one of the Spaniard to break his fall, he might of came out of the cave in another exit outside the dock with a boat. Maybe a flashback could reveal this and at the same time show him seeing Drake act out one of the scenes from the game but in Eddies point of view...maybe when Drake is fighting on the dock.

FanOfGaming2146d ago

I agree, it should focus more on the characters rather than the "story" if that makes sense

miyamoto2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I really miss Flynn. He is one of the best villains in video gaming. He and Nate had great chemistry. His humor rivals Drake's. I wish they did not kill him. I wish he stole some Cintamani power to make it out alive. He should return. He ranks up there with The Joker, Char Aznable, Kefka, Dr. Wily and Eggman.

In You Tube gamers love him About 2,440 results

tommie962146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

For Uncharted 4, I think they should add like Rika Raja, or maybe Marisa Chase from Golden Abyss. Tenzin returning would be awesome, but that is highly unlikely.

Environment: Drake has been to jungles, mountains and deserts. Also like destroyed cities and shipwrecks. The environment there are left is like forest, more cities, swamps...

And gameplay: I know its alot of climbing already, but I really enjoy just climbing and ''making'' new paths to climb on to proceed. So they should cut down on the combat (even if I enjoy that too) and make more traversal gameplay. And more puzzles!

Root2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I would like them to be in a city environment. I was a tad disappointed with the start of Uncharted 3 when it was set in London because I thought they were going to be set in the middle of London, the urban parts of it with massive crowds but the place they were located was an old looking part of London which looked deserted...not even one person walking their dog, a drunk guy, a homeless man or even another car going past.

I think climbing on the top of massive skyscrapers to maybe get to the next level of the floor for example would be fun.

As for the combat I would like them to work on the AI...I mean it's a cover based game but you could hardly use it in U3 because in massive fire fights some enemies would stupidly run up to you in the MIDDLE of a shoot out, start a hand to hand fight with you and the other enemies would shoot you down while your fighting. It was stupid why would anyone run to their enemy. They should of made enemies use cover but make them change locations to get closer to Drake slowly.

Y_51502144d ago

I was expecting for Rika to pop up somewhere in Uncharted 3. Even if it was only multiplayer. :(

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