Bleszinski: 'Bulletstorm' marketing a mistake, sold as "the dicktits game"

Cliff Bleszinski, the former main man at Epic Games, recently stated that the marketing behind the 2011 shooter Bulletstorm was a mistake.

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Phil321185d ago

The marketing being a mistake could have been predicted when the plan was announced, for heaven's sake.

Convas1185d ago

Hindsight is 20/20 brah.

What seemed like a good idea at the time is usually not looking back.

Phil321185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I'm not talking about viewing something in hindsight. I'm talking about knowing when the marketing plan rolled out that it was a dumb idea.

^edited to make better sense

Abash1185d ago

The big mistake was releasing it the same day as Killzone 3

blackbeld1185d ago

Fun Sadistic game.

I overlooked it until I got it free from Playstation Plus.

Good game. :)

SilentNegotiator1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

It does NOT take hindsight to know that saying "dicktits" in your ads will turn people away.

Mediocre game anyway. It's really sad that half of the tropes they mocked COD for, they had in their own game.

LocutusEstBorg1185d ago

Bill Clinton: Seemed like a good idea at the time.

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fermcr1185d ago

Bulletstorm didn't sell much, but for me it was one of the best games this generation. Mindless fun.

jeffgoldwin1185d ago

I think its a solid, fun game. Plus you can get it for on the cheap on steam games.

MysticStrummer1185d ago

One of the best games of the generation? Wow. I paid $8 bucks for it used and I'm glad I didn't pay more. I've had it for months and still haven't forced myself to finish it.

Blackdeath_6631185d ago

what games have you been playing this generation exactly?

admiralvic1185d ago

I thought Bulletstorm was a fantastic game, but among the best this generation... that's pushing it. I can see the humor rubbing a LOT of people the wrong way, plus the story was pretty dumb. Also the co op was a fantastic idea, but VERY few people got that the point was to work together.

@ Blackdeath_663

Probably NeverDead and MindJack.

aLiEnViSiToR1185d ago

The game was fun and interesting but it was far from perfect...

HappyMaskSalesman1185d ago

I think you people are missing the "for me" part of fermcr's comment. He has his best games, and so do you.

CommonSense1185d ago

The only problem i had with the game was that the best moments happened in the first half. A ton of fun, though. .

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smithmaria5951185d ago SpamShow
Veneno1185d ago

God Damn I totally remember the online video ads being completely ridiculous. It came off as a total dude bro dicktits game.

N0S3LFESTEEM1185d ago

Everything Cliffy B says sounds like a 10yr old 4chaner

BinaryMind1185d ago

Bleszinski didn't really address the question. I'm currently playing the game now, and I find it hard to see it as a "cool sci-fi" game with the frequent immature dialogue and macho, dude-bro vibe getting in the way.

GuyThatPlaysGames1185d ago

The mistake was making this game in the first place!

amnda98weile1184d ago SpamShow
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Megaton1185d ago

The script was a mistake. Supported the "dicktits" marketing.

jeffgoldwin1185d ago

They have kiddy titles like seseame street if you don't like the adult section.

kneon1185d ago

From the marketing it would seem this game would only appeal to 12 year old boys, swearing doesn't make it a game for adults.

UnSelf1185d ago


so thats what "adult" means to you huh


MysticStrummer1185d ago

There's not much adult about Bulletstorm. Adolescent would be more accurate.

jeffgoldwin1185d ago

Oh nos! Daddy they said a swear word and theres killing in this game! Call big brother to censor this game, it offended me. Cry on, qq's.

Megaton1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

It offends me as a fan of comedy, if it offends me at all. It's swearing for the sake of swearing, like it was written by a child who just learned "dirty" words. No tact, no wit, just adolescent Tourette's.

Axonometri1185d ago

Thing is... Blood guts flying limbs and sex jokes don't = mature

MysticStrummer1185d ago

Who said anything about censorship? You just have a ridiculous view of what makes something adult.

Yodagamer1185d ago

Heck Sesame street is more mature than that game

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Xenomorph1185d ago

Lol and he said it would beat out Killzone (released on the same day)

Riderz13371185d ago

He actually said that? Man this guy is really cocky isn't he?

Ultr1185d ago

yeah but at the same time he bought a copy of Killzone3 :) "I support games, you know" he said over twitter, I remember that :)

GusBricker1185d ago

Put me in the minority, I guess.

Give me the gameplay in Bulletstorm over Killzone any day.

CommonSense1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

couldn't agree more. i bought both killzones for ps3 and didn't finish either (ultimately traded them). They were just boring. Visually dull, and the gameplay was clunky, slow, and unoriginal.

Irishguy951185d ago

I prefer Killzone(2 at least) myself, I do agree Killzone is getting overrated though

superterabyte1185d ago

I think you're all crazy and don't recognize something good when you see it

Blastoise1185d ago

This is completely true. I was put off by this game because all I saw was swearing and stupid dialogue. "I will Kill your D**k"

But then I played it when it was available for PS+. It was actually pretty fun & I ended up completing it

madpuppy1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

same here, it is a good looking game with fun gameplay that has vulgar, over the top dialogue. I played it all the way through as well. And I'm not a masochist, if I don't like a game I will not bother finishing it.

GamerCheese1184d ago

It's a waste of a possibly cool franchise.

InTheLab1185d ago

Stupid story
tired gimmicky gameplay
no competitive multiplayer
was sandwiched between Killzone and Crysis 2

Bulletstorm should have been $15 DLC...$30 at best. It was not a full package and no matter what style of marketing, the game was destined for failure.


There is a difference between mature and vulgar. Alan Wake is a mature title. Heavy Rain is a mature title. Bullstorm is a love letter to drunken fratboys.

palaeomerus1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

"Stupid story
tired gimmicky gameplay
no competitive multiplayer
overpriced "

That criticism applies equally well to God of War III.

Heavy Rain was awkwardly amateurish cinematic garbage. The story (writing and voice acting performance) was frankly stupid (the killer actually wonders who the killer is in internal "thought" monologue), the gameplay both gimmicky and tiresome trying to extend QTE into a hot steaming mess of tedious abstracted incidental controls supposed to proxy for actions. There was no competitive multiplayer. It was also overpriced...Hey! Wait a minute!

Mature? You think carelessly hacking out a bad, half-assed, Seven reference with cheap French Actors reading English phonetically with weird cadence and pitch with silly gimmick "thriller/suspense controls" is in any way mature? LOL.

Alan Wake was a Stephen King, Twin Peaks, and Twilight Zone send up/mash up mated to a simplistic "low intensity" third person shooter with a light gimmick, a dodge mechanic instead of a cover mechanic, and a tiny smattering of baby-ish puzzles and platforming. Again it's hardly mature in any sense. I had fun with it but it is pretty unsophisticated, two dimensional,cheesy and oriented towards people who like repetitive action between spoon fed TV-story elements that cleave to the genre it borrows from with very little real creativity.

Merrill1185d ago

While I finished Heavy Rain, I agree with you. The atmosphere was fantastic though, but you're correct, the writing was amateurish at best.

InTheLab1185d ago can argue Alan Wake and Heavy Rain but GoW is a genre leader...

Don't be stupid.

As for your argument, please...tell me how you feel about Bulletstorm if you have such strong feelings about actual good games. BS does not possess the qualities of those "careless half assed" games you mentioned.

Tontus1185d ago PersonalAttacksShow
GamerCheese1184d ago

Breathe, Tontus, Breathe.

Revolver_X_1184d ago


Lol. You get trashed at the Bitbag and you have 1 bubble here. Heavy Rain is a crime drama. His inner dialogue is so the viewer or player doesnt know he's the killer yet. The clues lead you to suspect. So, I guess in your flawed opinion crime dramas have amatuer writing, silly child. Its ok, you have no knowledge of the genre, let alone writing in general. ANYONE who thinks Heavy Rain has amatuer writing is frankly uneducated in story writing. The plot has been used in crime dramas for 20+ years. I had no problem with the QTEs and I've platinumed the game. Whatever sh!tty game Cliffy B makes next, Beyond Two Souls will have a better story, rest assured.

Its hilarious how you knew not to mention Killzone 3. If I recall you said Crysis 2 was better then Killzone 3 at the Bitbag. Lol, yea it sure was. Your just a silly troll. Bulletstorm=Duke Nukem Forever. Well, Duke is more likeable.

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