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Knowing Los Santos

Everyone knows that GTA V is going to be based in the sprawling city of Los Santos. What they don't know as of yet is how it is going to look. From what I am seeing in the trailers and from pictures, it looks like they are not missing a thing as far as the detail goes. We have all seen the fan made maps of GTA V and they aren't even close to what the game will probably look like. A lot of things keep on getting left out. Vinewood is actually going to be on the same hillside as the observatory for instance. They (the fans) aren't including realism to their maps. If you take a look at Los Angeles and surrounding areas, There are a lot of hillsides that separate cities and suburbs. Muholland drive for instance goes up a hill that separates Los Angeles county from Orange county. There are several different valleys in the greater Los Angeles area. I am thinking that Rockstar wanted to implement those ranges and valleys into the map to add more playing area and to make the map more divers... (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

koh  +   724d ago
This article was published over 2 months ago, and since its from IGN it's probably safe to say this was on N4G back then
black911  +   724d ago
Why Los Santos Again. Same with GTA4 why did we go back to Liberty City. Previous GTA's each had anew differnt locations. Are Rockstar just being Lazy?

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