“Marlow Briggs” trademarked by Microsoft, Could be an Xbox 720 IP

It’s filed under ‘game software’, so it could indicate that it is a next gen IP from them.

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iNathan1970d ago

Launch Tittles (possible)

Alan Wake 2
Forza MotorSport 5
Killer Instinct 3



iamnsuperman1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yer what happened to Ryse. That thing has like fallen of the face of the planet.

edit: "Marlow Briggs" sounds like a terrible name for a game. I hope they don't go with that

Munky1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I think it started out as a "regular" game, which then they converted into a Kinect game. Then realized that Kinect is pretty crap, so they delayed it to take advantage of Kinect 2.0 hardware and make it a Nextbox launch title.

whoyouwit041969d ago

Marlow Briggs is probably the characters name.

shoddy1969d ago

Maybe it's mailo from project natal.

Gildarts1969d ago


It was going to be a hybrid (controllers+Kinect)
I hope they save it for nextgen though.

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mcstorm1970d ago

Ide love that but pgr and forza the same time plus I think pgr is dead and forza horizon is the new pgr.

Zechs341969d ago

Nah, doubtful. 2 racing games? Ryse more than likely, if not cancelled, has been in development hell. KI3, by Rare, on the 720? Psh. I'd buy 2 copies of the game just to support the fact that fairy tales are real. Alan Wake 2 though, that should be splendid.

And agreed with Superman below, god, what a horrible name if true!

*crosses fingers*

DOMination-1969d ago

Ryse was just put back for next gen. Officially co friend last year by Crytek.

whoyouwit041969d ago

Add conker, kameo, PD, and a real banjoo game to that list as well. plus some new ips.

Knight_Crawler1969d ago

Why do I keep seeing this guy when I hear the name Marlow Briggs?

Gamer19821969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

PGR is dead in the water and it would be suicide to launch with Forza. Killer Instinct I doubt will ever happen and Ryse is current gen isnt it? Alan Wake would be a long shot as it sold quite bad (even though it was a decent game) on a console that had sold over 50 million at the time. You think they could release a sequel to a console that will sell a few million at launch and do better? That would really hurt Remedy..

I think we may see a Forza, A halo spinoff until Halo 5 is released next year (which will be teased) and the rest will focus on the new tech (If MS brings one with new Xbox) or Kinect. They will really push this new tech though and make it look amazing. Either it be illumiroom or Kinect 2. They won't tell you its extra on top of console for this tech though.

I just feel MS has lost touch with hardcore console owners.. Oh we may however here of more COD exclusive content coming to xbox 720 as the deal with Activisions up.

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greenpowerz1969d ago

Why, are you a Kinect fan or not? Are you a PS3 fanboy troll perhaps?

iamnsuperman1969d ago

abzdine does have a point. It does come across as a family oriented game by its title which is why I think they should change it if it isn't that type of game.

abzdine1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

@iamnsuperman: thank you!
i didnt know i had to develop my idea more the title speaks for itself.

maniacmayhem1969d ago

"We can’t really say if it’s the name of a new game or something else,"

The title comes across as a family, Kinect game?? Wow, you guys sure read into what isn't there. I mean seriously how does a title, a name of a person come across as a Kinect game?

iamnsuperman1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )


Well a name tells you a lot about a game. If this game was called Hard Man Gun Face I would expect a stupid, out dated humour game like Duke Nukem. If the game was called Polly I would expect a very feminine oriented game. A name tells a lot. This doesn't have the same ring as lets say Alan Wake and feels more family orientated.

maniacmayhem1969d ago


Just stop, please.

You are seriously reaching and grabbing on things that are not even there. There is no way that Marlow Briggs sounds family related or Kinect related. It doesn't provide any clue what so ever as to what the game (if it is even one) can be.

In fact there was just an article speculating that Briggs could be a character from Gears since there was a character with the same last name. Also there is a punk rock band in southern cali called The Briggs, far from family orientated.

We will just have to actually wait and see exactly what this is. But c'mon, lets not speculate and label something just off of a name. It's absurd and well....dumb.

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LAWSON721970d ago

Sounds like a terrible title

Gildarts1969d ago

Its a character name.. Not the game title. I thought that was pretty obvious.

tehpees31969d ago

It sounds more like their answer to Kevin Butler. Thats what I am guessing.

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