And You Thought Platformers Had Run Out Of New Ideas

Take a look at this video of indie platformer Oliver and Spike in action. As it starts, you're probably thinking that it looks pretty nice, a comfortable modern take on 3D jumping.

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Jadedz1661d ago

Enjoyed every second of it.

badz1491660d ago

THAT actually took me by surprise! a great new take on platforming. not just jumping the platforms but going through different environment while doing so! excited to see if the game itself is actually good

Kalowest1660d ago

The way the world changed reminded me of Quantum Conundrum.

1upgamer991660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

That looks pretty cool. I wonder what they will do with Wii U version. I still like a platformer. The website tells you a little more. Here is the link for anyone interested.
I posted the link because somehow I have never heard of this game and it peaked my interest.

Moncole1660d ago

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream did something similar to this.

Conzul1660d ago

This looks like a fun game!

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