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Anthony Accinelli writes, "Ni No Kuni is a very large game. With that I've decided to break my review up into several parts, the first one being my experience through the first ten hours.

I've grinded my characters, met the Sheikh of Spice, learned quite a few magic spells, and of course perfected the ability to capture and train Familiars".

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GribbleGrunger2150d ago

'At the level 10 mark I have 25 percent of the 'Wizards Companion' complete, 13 percent of the 'Creature Compendium' complete, 12 percent 'Task' completion, one 1/100 'Hidden Treasures' found, and still haven't unlocked 2 other categories.'

This is going to be a 100+ hour game for me for certain. I spent 120 hours on DQ too.