Time To Ignore The Next-Gen Video Game Console Rumor Mill

Forbes - Every day brings a new rumor about next-gen video game consoles. Enough is enough.

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MaideninBlack1816d ago

Yep. It's really gotten ridicules if you ask me.

Ezz20131815d ago

untill you wake up to find another 500 world exclusive "rumor" on N4G

showtimefolks1815d ago

1.ignore everything till both sony and ms confirm something,

2.first time in a long time i will not buy any console at launch, been burned way too many times. You buy a system than there are no games for it for first 12-18 months.

3.I am hopeful that both sony and ms will have atleast few big games at launch ready to ship day and day with console launch. Now if sony can get me Killzone 4 and Gt6 at launch i am very interested.

4.I have my simple expections of what next gen consoles should be about.

60FPS should be the standard, its 2013 and these systems will be here till 2019-2020 so imagine playing a game in 2017 with 30fps with 720P

Full 1080P

PSN must get Cross game chat, which it will since the only reason why ps3 didn't get it was the ram issue if i am not wrong

4-8GM of Ram. I think it will be between 4-6

and just deliver games,games, and more games. Also please don't be like Nintendo where everything is announced only to say most of it won';t be here for 2-3 years down the road. Only show us what you can deliver within first 12 months,

for a lot of people who have been asking for new Ip's get ready at E3 i wouldn't be surprised if UBI,EA,Capcom,Sony,MS,SE combined show more than 15-20 new Ip's.

Npugz71816d ago

This could all be fixed if they would just announce the friggin things.

animegamingnerd1815d ago

i never cared about the next gen consoles or believed they are in development cause they are nothing but rumors until they are 100% confirmed by sony and M$ i will not believe their extistence

Cueil1815d ago

be fair they both love money don't just dollar sign one of them

animegamingnerd1815d ago

but one of them does enough crap to deserve it

1815d ago
InTheLab1815d ago

Ummm...didn't Forbes run a story about MS selling Xbox to Sony?

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