Nintendo, Sony Thrilled as China Considers Lifting 12 Year Ban on Console Sales

Forbes - Potentially big news out of Asia today as China‘s official state-run newspaper, the China Daily, reports that the country is considering ending its ban on the sale of video game consoles which began in 2000.

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Snookies122145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

It would be nice if Sony can get a lot of sales out of this... They really need/deserve it because of the financial issues they're having. Not to mention all of the great things they've done for gamers the past few years.

Off-topic: Why is this picture used so much for Sony articles? Lol, it's pretty hilarious and makes me smile every time, but it's just getting crazy now.

Phil322145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

How about instead:

"It would be nice if console manufacturers in general can get a lot of sales out of this."

Most companies deserve it, because I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the economy is not being nice to a lot of them. Why single out Sony only when there's so many other deserving companies as well?

Snookies122145d ago

I'm saying in general Sony is suffering the most of the big 3, and out of them has done more for gamers this generation than the others.

Root2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

...maybe because Sony are actually trying with the core market, the ones who got them where they are today and are the only ones left who have stayed true to it's roots and not gave their core market the middle finger....they've stuck with us through thick and thin.

Not to mention as Snookies12 said it would give them a little help during their financial problems recently. The deserve this more then others in my opinion

blackbeld2145d ago

"Nintendo and Sony stocks are already up in Japan just based on mere speculation the ban could be lifted."

Nice to see the game industry doing better.

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Phil322145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

To say that only Sony is trying with the core market is absolutely ignorant, and makes you look like a fanboy.

"they've stuck with us through thick and thin."

Ah. You are a fanboy then. Sorry I wasted my time. I do realize N4G loves fanboys as it gives them heated debates and more hits, but I don't care for you at all.

Root2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Woah....someone is a little upset

No offense but your the one being ignorant here because your jumping to conclusions assuming the worst out of someone

"they've stuck with us through thick and thin."


Us as in Gamers, not us as in PS3/Sony fans.

You have to give credit where it's due, Nintendo have only recently started to focus more on the core with the Wii U while MS...well we haven't seen a new IP from them in years and it#s pretty obvious after Kinect that they don't care for us anymore.

You say heated debates yet your the one starting an argument out of nothing. If I had said for example

"Sony rules, MS and Nintendo SUCK"

Then fair enough, call me a fanboy

phantomexe2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

lately i've agreed with most of what you have posted root and snookies but on this know way. I couldn't disagree more.I agree with phil32 only i know you guys aren't fanboys because i'm remember your other post but it does make it look that way. I'm guessing bad choice of wording.

GribbleGrunger2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

No, bad choice of interpretation. Snookie's no fanboy. Obviously he'll sometimes disagree with you but that doesn't automatically make him a fanboy. Jees, this needs to stop. Can't we fight like men and then shake hands when the gloves are off? After beating the living day lights out of some obnoxious youth, my friend grabbed him up off the floor, dragged him to a pub and bought him a pint. That's HONOUR. They're now best of friends and the youth learned something valuable.

Snookies122145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@phantomexe - I will admit that I do like Sony a little more than Microsoft or Nintendo (I'm sure everyone has a preference at least if nothing else), however I try not to put them above any others. I suppose you're right though, perhaps I'm just having difficulty trying to word what I'm trying to say right... Bottom line is, Microsoft and Nintendo seem to be doing alright in terms of money. While Sony on the other hand is amassing debt. I'd just like to see that debt relieved so that all 3 major companies thrive nicely.

Campy da Camper2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@gribble. Honor like that is pretty much non existent in today's world.I, too, can have heated debates with folks at a pub or whatnot and at the end we toast and wish each other well. The topics are usually politics, religion, women's right to choose, quantum physics, etc. What really bothers me is the amount of pure hate game consoles. Talk about first world problems.

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Phil322145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Well, for one:

1) Trying to say someone is upset to try to defame their position is an incredibly cowardly tactic to use. Don't do it. It makes you look silly and desperate to make the other side look bad. I know you from comments you've made before, and I know you're better than that.

2) Sony is a corporation like any other, and they did not "stick with you." They focused on Move and Wonderbook and went after the casual audience just as well as the other two. You can bet that if the Move was as successful as the Wii and Kinect, they would be courting casuals still.

And if you say, Sony at least created core games at the same time, then yeah, so did Nintendo and Microsoft while delivering casual titles as well.

The argument I'm getting from you is that because Sony did new IPs means they care more for the core? I respectively disagree. I think Sony simply doesn't have as many brands that sell astronomically well as Nintendo or Microsoft, so they were forced to create new IPs to try to get something that would. You are free to disagree.

Anyway, I apologize for coming off salty to you. It's hard not to think someone isn't a zealot just because N4G's most vocal and abundant users ARE zealots.

Root2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

1) Not really, you were, instead of looking at the possible meanings of what I said you jumped straight to the one which would get you p***** off, thus having your rant at me.

2) So your telling me Sony focused on Move and Wonder book AS MUCH as MS focused on Kinect. Sorry but that's a lot of nonsense, Sony did not shove those down our throats like what MS did with their casual stuff. Lets not forget Sony also didn't forget about the core in the process, we still have their support and we still got exclusive games which show you that they still rely on their first party studios to make core games. If they were like MS they would of told most of them to focus on casual, shovel ware for Move.

"And if you say, Sony at least created core games at the same time, then yeah, so did Nintendo and Microsoft while delivering casual titles as well."

Not that many mate...not as much

"The argument I'm getting from you is that because Sony did new IPs means they care more for the core?"

Of course it does...well it's one of the reasons to support that they do anyway, even despite their financial situation they still put faith and time into their first party studios to create these games....hell they even still care enough to buy them in the first place. If one of them became a big seller then it's a bonus for them, I'm not going to lie and say they aren't in it for the money because they are a business, all business's are like that but they didn't get side tracked because of this, they still stuck to their roots and cared for their core, main audience while making our games and messing around with the casual audience.

EddieNX 2145d ago

Wow just reading some of these comments , some people really are sour about shit lol.

Sony is the only company that hasn't sold out ?

Yeah Nintendo did nothing for gaming in Gen 7 /S Neither did Microsoft /S. It was all Sony /S.

ApolloAdams2145d ago

Sony doesn't "deserve" anything actually. If a company is having financial issues it is mostly their fault.

The consumers pick whether your products are good enough for purchase nothing is deserved in this business world. It is all earned and if Sony does gain millions of customers in China it is because they are offering a superior service not because they are deserving of the business.

Done more for gaming is a subjective thing and it isn't universal at all. So the opinion that Sony is the most deserving of the big three is an interesting one but not one based on fact just opinion.

Best case scenario is China opens the borders and the three compete for the money not we hand them to Sony because they "deserve" it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

AAAA ps4 games will be funded now? I hope so!

live2play2145d ago

you make me vomit
your scum between my toes

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RogueStatus282145d ago ShowReplies(2)
2pacalypsenow2145d ago

if it does happen sony and nintendo would rule the console market next gen

Conzul2145d ago

I can see that happening. M$ will keep moving to tablets and gimmicks. I wouldn't really mind that myself - I've never owned an Xbox.

animegamingnerd2145d ago

yeah from what M$ has doing these last few years is really even making me debate to get the next xbox but i am for sure going to get a wii u and a PS4

ApolloAdams2145d ago

Like Sony doesn't make tablets or try gimmick. Seems legit.

Kennytaur2145d ago

It would be awesome with such a huge new market. But China is both piracy-land and cheap-knockoff-land, so it won't be an easy conquering.

juandren2145d ago

Those were my first thoughts as well, but just take into account that China were forced to copy consoles because it isn't available to them. Though I don't think the knock-off market will be reduced to 0% and the big 3 will scoop up the full 100%, I think it will be a safe assumption to say that they will at the very least gain 30% of the market. With China's huge population that is still a MASSIVE leap. I think it will be a 50/35/15% split in the end for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, respectively. All fanboyism aside - it will be a huge step for gaming in general and I am interested to see how this will affect future games and add-ons for consoles with first and third parties adjusting their products to appeal to this new market as well

Kennytaur2145d ago

The main problem will be that Chinese gamers will be able to buy a pirated copy of a new game for next to nothing, so publishers may seriously struggle to make money there. And if consoles are sold at a loss there, then they won't make back the difference in game sales.

But I hope it turns out well.

Good_Guy_Jamal2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I hope all 3 manufactures strike gold there. It's so sad that SONY's gaming department is yet to recoup all losses since ps3 launched. They deserve a break, though I still maintain they were very arrogant.
Nintendo deserve it simply because they are Nintendo and they are awesome.
Microsoft. . .well everybody else would be striking gold and it would be sad to see them be the only ones that miss out. Although I don't see Kinect working out in China, what with its space requirements. Also Xbox live being a paid for service is balls. There, I admitted it.

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