Lost levels of Xbox 360: six places you didn't get to visit

OXM - Areas they chopped during development.

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TekoIie2146d ago

Would be nice if they released this content one day :)

DasTier2146d ago

It's seems like this author has never played an earlier COD that 4. If he had he would realise you have full control of tanks in some levels from those games, even the original I believe. But damn the COD franchise has taken a big step backwards.

BanBrother2146d ago

CoD 4, Bioshock, Halo 3, Skyrim had some pretty cool stuff that didn't make the game. Don't really care for ME2, but it had enough milky milk dlc as it is.

I think more developers should release single player dlc. No crappy challenge modes either, but something to expand the story. Sick and tired of lame, overpriced map packs. They are useless once the servers shut down anyway.