BioShock Infinite: Ten Reasons You Should Be Excited

CheatCC: After a series of incredibly painful delays, BioShock Infinite might actually be on store shelves later this spring. After all the information we’ve been given so far, it’s starting to look like it could very well be one of the best games of 2013. Still, it seems like with all the release date snafus it has experienced, it may have slipped off a lot of people’s radars.

Well, we’re here to remind you about Infinite with ten reasons why you need to still be excited for this.

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codename131910d ago

its Bioshock .. this one reason is more than enough for me :D

Agheil1910d ago

I was just about to type the same comment haha

XXXL1910d ago

My most anticipated. Can't wait to battle it out using the skylines

Ducky1910d ago

... I think you're confusing Bioshock with GranTurismo. =p

Funky_Homosapien1910d ago

Why did this have to come out in same month as gta 5...oh well gta 5 will have to wait :P.

10V3N0M011910d ago

Guys, word of advice...
This is one of those click through 10 pages with little content and low res pics. Don't click the link and read the first comment :) done