BBFC hits back at ratings claims

PEGI is "just a tick-box system", public "is confused by symbols", it says.

The British Board of Film Classification has hit back at suggestions that it doesn't provide a more effective ratings system than the Pan European Game Information version, as suggested by Microsoft's UK head of corporate affairs Matt Lambert, at a CMS Select Committee hearing yesterday.

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Dathcha3919d ago

The BBFC is spouting increasingly weak arguements from my perspective...

Quote: ""We know for a fact that the public is confused by [the PEGI] symbols, they don't understand them," said a spokesperson. "They do understand consumer advice which says 'Contains strong language' or 'Contains strong violence'."

This only applies in assuming everyone speaks english, which might indeed apply to the UK, but as PEGI is European, a symbol-system is handier than having to translate every bit of information into another language.

And people not knowing what the PEGI symbols mean or that it is a difficulty rating rather than an age appropriateness rating is only down to lack of knowledge of the system by said people. Something which can be remedied very easily and reasonably quickly with a few posters at game-retailers.

The BBFC has the benefit of being an established system for the UK, but only the UK.

It is rather secular to insist it is better because it works in the UK. For people ordering products online from foreign retailers, a universal system would only clarify matters and allow people to understand the ratings without needing to be fluent in english or know the nuances of the language. (Is STRONG language the kind used by a general when ordering around a private in the army?)

Just my 2 cents, no flaming please...