New Videos Showcase The Technology Behind Square Enix’s “Agni’s Philosophy” Tech Demo

New videos from Square Enix's tech demo 'Agni's Philosophy' shows off the hair techniques that have been used to it

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Blastoise1545d ago

Fantastic. What an incredible looking beard. Now make a decent game already

NukaCola1545d ago

Yup, Square has no issues with visual phenomenons, but they have done poorly in the "gameplay/story/everythin g-else" department. I miss Squaresoft :'(

Ranma11545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Square Enix: "we can make cow sh*t look beautiful, but in the end its still cow sh*t and plays like cow sh*t"

Irishguy951545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Shit off S-E/ You'll get no love from me until Versus gets what it deserves. Thank you for doing the exact opposite of your fans desires.

kalkano1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Nice graphics. Unfortunately, I have no faith in their ability to make a good game out of it. I expect to see Lightning mowing down enemies with an AK-47, in real-time. That's what Toriyama wants...

iamtehpwn1545d ago

I hope Square uses this technology to create an amazing Final Fantasy XV for next gen.

ZoyosJD1545d ago

What's the point of showing off the game engine when they are going to keep it in-house only?

BTW, videos like this have been around nearly since they first showcased the demo.

Godmars2901545d ago

What's the point when they've already said they're not doing any big in-house projects you mean.

If they're keeping the engine in-house that means they'll be hiring outside teams who wont be familiar with it.

ZoyosJD1545d ago

You missed the point.

Not currently, but they will be using it in-house only. They have stated this.

So, again: Why show off the capabilities of the engine when they are not going to make it available to any other developers?