Go!Messenger launches this Friday for PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced the launch of Go!Messenger, a new wireless communication package for PSP from SCEE and BT.

Go!Messenger makes it easy for PSP user to communicate via video, voice and instant messages for free over any wireless broadband internet connection. Using the Go!Cam users will have the ability to make real-time video calls to friends all over the world.

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Vip3r3891d ago

It could be free but I'm not sure. Sounds great though but is this just a Europe only thing?

JoelR3891d ago

Looks like it is free to download
but to access the BT Openzone I bet you have to pay BT an access fee

"he Go!Messenger client will be available to download by selecting the Go!Messenger icon found under the Network menu on the PSP. Follow the instructions and download the client from the website"

butterfinger3891d ago

I would really like to get that ilttle camera attachment now.

Splitz3891d ago

Would someone call me please?
I'm so alnone. :(

faisdotal3891d ago

Why can't they do it the PS3 XMB way?!

resistive773891d ago

In-game XMB + skype will be coooool

I can't wait to skype my friend during playing ps3 :)

feejo3891d ago

That is impressive: webcam + skype.

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