Take-Two: $2 billion is not enough


The company behind the hugely popular video game "Grand Theft Auto" says it is not going to jump at a $2 billion buyout offer from Electronic Arts Inc.

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Fishy Fingers3940d ago

Some things are more important than money, respect from your peers, co-workers, other companies etc

If i had spent half my life building a successful glodal company/brand i know personally i wouldnt want to sell it for the Earth.

bung tickler3940d ago

the guy that leads take-two got his job there last year... hardly a lifetime...

Fishy Fingers3940d ago

far enough, ill expect take-two to go down in flames then : (

snittolo3940d ago

Forget the bible people, this right here is proof he exists! Thank you TT gods!!!

butterfinger3940d ago

Good for Take Two! IF they are to be bought, at least they will be milking EA for every dime they can get. lol. I feel that this buyout is still inevitable, but here's hoping EA relents.

SKUD3940d ago

I think for once the devil(EA) might not be able to take (purchase) this soul (Take-Two).

RecSpec3940d ago

EA will have to do it the old fashion way. FIDDLE CONTEST!

The Killer3940d ago

they should go with 5 billion! so EA bleeds more and stop destroying game industry!

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The story is too old to be commented.