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Epic Mickey Studio Junction Point Shut Down

Breaking news confirms the recent rumors: Austin-based studio and developer of the Epic Mickey games for Disney, has been shut down. (Industry, Junction Point)

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Trago1337  +   601d ago
sad news :(
yesmynameissumo  +   601d ago
Hope my brother and all the JP staff find homes soon. Junction Point Studios 2004-2013.
Phil32  +   601d ago
I said this in the rumor story, but when just one game can close your studio, the business model for the industry is not sustainable. Something has to change or it will just get worse as more powerful consoles emerge, resulting in even larger budgets.
Godmars290  +   601d ago
Think it has more to do with the first game not selling as well as expected, the second selling worse, when the parent company, Disney, was expecting much more.
Fatty  +   601d ago
The Epic Mickey games could have been classic if not for the camera and in the case of Epic Mickey 2, poor helper AI. Still, I hope all of them land on their feet.
Root  +   601d ago
Knew this was going to happen, this is what happens when you decide to add more stuff in a sequel instead of first fixing the bunch of problems you had with the first game.

The Epic Mickey games could of been....well Epic but sadly they failed. I kind of saw how desperate they got when they tried to use the classic "Mickey Mouse in the.......of Illusion" title for the hand held Epic Mickey. You can't have a totally different franchise be a part of another one with a totally different style, it just doesn't work.

Hopefully these guys find other jobs else where
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NYC_Gamer  +   601d ago
It's time for studios to step up and create quality software or go out of business
Phil32  +   601d ago
That's a hugely dickish thing to say, and pretty ignorant. Studios create quality software and can still go out of business.
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barb_wire  +   601d ago
Some studios do.. Black Rock Studios for example, Pure and Split/Second (one of the finest arcade racers ever) Quality games that unfortunately didn't sell and Disney (again) closed them down.
Yodagamer  +   601d ago
I'm not really surprised epic mickey 2 wasn't even as good as the first one and that was a slight disappointment to me.
ShaunCameron  +   601d ago
Rest in peace, Junction Point.

The sad thing of it all is I predicted that EM2 was gonna flop the day rumors were made about a sequel to EM. And it happened.

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