Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - New GamePlay Info

Warning : Spoilers! An interesting video posted by MeriStation (Spanish site) which the interviewers reveal lots of new gameplay detail based on an extensive play test. Thanks Monsoons_Left_Foot for the translations and here's the summary:

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DEEBO1938d ago

HACK&SLASH 2013! I love it.

drizzom1937d ago

I've been spoiled enough about the game so I'll keep my distance because I want to discover everything as I start playing the full game but...

I want to watch it so badly. :(

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Xklaw1937d ago

Some good info, but nothing new. I am also displeased with the way objects disappear after being cut. I can understand why it must disappear, but at least they could let it be on stage for a little while longer.

RE_L_MAYER1937d ago

My guess is what they were trying to do is squeeze as much framerate/smooth gameplay as possible because if kojima made the game it would have looked a lot better with much more stuff to do but framerate would be much lower