The Top 7... Uncomfortably sexy video game animals

GI - The creepiest creatures you've ever been attracted to.

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Godmars2902143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

The only one valid for me is #3, who's basically a werewolf.

A were-fox.

(Wait. That's a guy? T___T )

DivineAssault 2143d ago

Hey, commander shepard went for some similar cases lol.. Its the T & A.. too hard to resist no matter what creature or being its on.. Just got to check the rest of em these days before going in if u had too much to drink.. 0.o

karlowma2143d ago

Seriously, how does this list not have Felicia from Darkstalkers?

contradictory2143d ago

not all that uncomfortable really.
well, i suppose it kinda was when i was a kid.
nowadays i just don't even give a damn what people think about me anymore

insomnium22143d ago

I effing HATE websites like this one. 9 clicks? Eff that!

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