Lifetime Xbox 360 sales set to overtake Wii in UK

Microsoft outsold rival by more than 4:1 in 2012, according to Chart-Track data

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supremacy2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

well this is good news for xbox 360 owners.Though i am amazed it took Nintendo this long to lose its ground; i mean i must admit i was always under the impression the wii wouldnt last this long.

Now japan is where Nintendo will maintain its market lead for sure and Europe is where Sony will hold its own.

Interesting how the console wars have developed over the years.

EddieNX 2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

The wii is still in the lead in the USA , Still in the Lead in Europe and still in the lead in Japan.

An oustanding victory for Nintendo. They made by far the most money in gen 7.

@Andshesays - Try again. The Wii's top selling games destroy the figures of Xbox or ps3's top selling games.

andshesays2146d ago

.. and you say sony and xbox want everyones money

WII made the most money, and sold the poorest games...

supremacy2146d ago

never said anything about the wii losing in other markets, though despite the fact that they still lead in those markets you mentioned; they are in the decline.

However, at this point in time i dont think it matters as much anymore. The wiiu is out and doing fine, and new xbox and PlayStation will soon be here as well.

But if you want a cookie, then fine, congrats the wii is still number one.

chukamachine2146d ago

They would do, the casual market is massive.

Mario is a casual game as well as Mario kart.

As for money, pff.

SONY has owned this gen with it's games.

And will again when it's real next gen machine comes.

user39158002146d ago

They did not make the most money and the reason why they went on to make another console early was cause of the slow down, an incredible drop in sales. As I was reading the reports MS has made the most on the consoles this gen, followed by big N and sony its in the black about a year now. All 3 has made money from consoles, althought Sony has finally reached positive status, their stock its been presented as garbage sock, which is hurting the company. I see sony developing now late in the cycle which is good news and I wont be surprised if they will be on the lead on the next gen, but MS will be their samurai cause they will be hot and I see the trend of Big N loosing incredible ground. Well the war will be between Sony and MS coming up and WII-U will be another gamecube.

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Lvl_up_gamer2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Nice to see that MS is still holding the #2 spot behind the Wii in market share sales which really is the only sales that matter.

Anon19742146d ago

This is nice to hear. I've always maintained that the 360 was 10 times the console the Wii was, and considering how close they've been in price it always baffled me why the Wii was still flying off the shelves for so long.

I'm not taking anything away from the Wii, Nintendo knows it's demographic and there's some outstanding titles on there, but back when the Wii and the 360 were roughly the same price, the 360's media streaming, the apps, the game library, the online, the hardware power, Kinect just had so much more going for it than the Wii when you compared them head 2 head.

I'm happy for Nintendo's success with the Wii but if you were to only own one console this gen, the Wii wasn't the one. It was marketed brilliantly to become the sensation that we saw but of the 3 consoles this gen, it clearly didn't deserve to steal the attention from the other two, more versatile systems.

Belking2146d ago

"The success of Microsoft and the Xbox 360 during the past two years highlights a radical changing of the guard in the game industry".

Couldn't of said it better myself. The xbox360 has definitely proved it has what it takes to go toe to toe with the industry giants. Congrats on a job well done MS. Now please go ahead and announce the next xbox. We want it.

Marked2146d ago ShowReplies(5)
Muerte24942146d ago

Microsoft have definitely made themselves a key player in gaming. I really want them the focus more on establishing new IPs (first party exclusives). There is actually nothing incorrect about your statement. While I will be going with Sony's PS4 "Orbis" before Microsoft's next system, I still plan on own both eventually.

Seraphemz2146d ago

"Set to" which means it hasnt happened. So in the wise words of the Wolf "Let's not start sucking eachothers d**ks yet..."

Good_Guy_Jamal2146d ago

Isn't that what playstation fans have been doing since 2006 though? Each year we kept hearing how ps3 was about to eclipse xbox 360 by years end!
Where were you with your words of wisdom then?

Seraphemz2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I never said that. Not once. I don't do speculation, im more of a fact guy.

BTW, im not saying that the 360 wont do it, im just saying that theres no reason to congratulate M$ just yet.

lovegames7182146d ago

lol ppl care more about sales then quality games lol hahaha sad!

Apple iphones sell a gagillion yet i never will buy them because as an educated consumer i know Samsung Galaxys are better and you get more for your money (see what i did)

Wii sold so much because it was dirt cheap, casual bs and they made profit off of every console they sold due to it being so outdated and ppl celebrate that? I swear ppl on here really are bizarre!

Marked2146d ago

bizarre and delusional....

Phil322146d ago

It also had a great list of exclusives which helped it sell, but I guess that doesn't fit your agenda, now does it?

Marked2146d ago

who did? the wii? I know you're not claiming microsoft had a great list

Phil322146d ago

I was referring to the Wii. The 360 did not do much for me in terms of exclusives... or console build quality... or having to pay for online... or racist bigots online.

Cocozero2146d ago

Well done MS it the 360 will be the number one console in the two biggest and most inportant regions. Next gen they should be able to do the same with the world

IRetrouk2146d ago

I would say world wide would be more important than two regions, but either way we are definatly in for a very cool next gen

user39158002146d ago

NO they are not the 2 bigest, USA is 1/3 of total sales worldwide, so USA is the biggest, but then is followed by europe, Japan and then UK australia witout taking into consideration the rest of the world. Well by NPD numbers sony was sitting at 72.3 million as of january, while xbox 360 at 73.9 and wii at 98.7. Dont matter how much rumor you hear, its about getting online hits from websites who wants to be recognised, althought indications might proof that Sony might have caught up to MS on the next report coming up. I dont see either ms or sony catching up to wii, the war is basically over by may. Wii won the most ground this gen, while MS benefited the most and Sony coming out of the hole, all 3 survived which is great news.

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