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Submitted by Smurf1 1105d ago | news

Crysis 3 player complains of SLI issues, Crytek says "buy a 360"

You know when a joke goes too far that it becomes simply offensive? (Crysis 3, PC)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1105d ago
It was just a joke some people need to chill
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Smurf1  +   1105d ago
Joke gone too far imo. If someone pays a lot of dollars to buy a gaming hardware, this would piss them off.
NYC_Gamer  +   1105d ago
I'm sure Crytek will fix the issues...It's been known for awhile though running sli does have problems with too many games...
M1chl  +   1105d ago
Its actually beta, so these problems are expected.
grailly  +   1105d ago
it wasn't crytek who sold him the hardware as far as I know, and it's the beta, not everything will work
Septic  +   1105d ago
Yeah but these problems come with the PC territory so it's not uncommon. I'm sure he didn't spend all that money on gaming hardware solely to play Crysis 3.

Anyway, I think its funny. I can imagine a fat troll face on that Crytek employees face as he typed that.
decrypt  +   1105d ago
Lol even if it is a joke, a 360 would be way worse than having even a single card working.

The person may as well disable SLI and play, still would be gens ahead of the 360.


Crytek hasnt been a benchmark for PC gamers for quite afew years now. Not since Crysis 1 anyways.

Check out:

Witcher 2
Meto 2033
Shogun 2
Sleeping Dogs
Maxpayne 3

Those are some of the reasons ;-)
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jimbobwahey  +   1105d ago
Pretty funny considering how desperately PC gamers cling to Crytek as the one excuse for paying stupid amounts of money for new hardware every year.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1105d ago
Either way it was
solar  +   1105d ago
I want to know what is so wrong with buying a new video card every year if A) you can afford it and B) you are an enthusiast who loves new tech and it's your hobby?

It's my money not yours and it's a myth of having to constantly upgrade every year. Get over that lame ass excuse
onyoursistersback   1104d ago | Bad language | show
Mounce  +   1104d ago
He must be a spoiled brat to have been gifted some omgwtfbbq computer where ONE game in BETA doesn't work 100% flawlessly as demanded/expceted.

How fucking obnoxious can some gamers/children get? It was a funny joke, but I bet there'd be other issues on the 360 like screentearing issues. So even someone as whiny as THAT person would whine again. Next would be "Get a PS3 then, try that out" and "Grow a pair".

I don't care for 'Journalists' who call the Crytek employee 'Unprofessional', professionalism is a mask, not a person. It doesn't show rudeness, it shows humanity and joking about problems.
negative  +   1104d ago
Console > PC on so many levels it isn't funny
Perjoss  +   1104d ago
He should get a 360 anyway, not because of what that dev said but its just an awesome console.
jetlian  +   1104d ago
guess pc has its draw backs lol =)

can feel it coming in the air tonight o oh
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CalvinKlein  +   1104d ago
the dude should have just said "dont buy our crap game that is a milk fest with AI so dumb that the enemies cant climb a set of 5 stairs."
or "we wont use any feedback from the beta to make a better game anyways so dont worry."

Yeah I agree with people saying this is a dbag thing to say to a potential customer who is having problems. I dont know what the guy who had the problem said exactly but I dont he deserved to be helped by a douche. If you are being paid you are supposed to act professional and try to help or say something constructive to help them. He could have just said they are working on a patch or he will let them know if he couldnt help.

I work at a grocery store and stock the stuff and people ask me things all the time. Customer service is a huge thing there and I have to help people find stuff all the time, even if Im not sure I know where it is exactly(even though I often dont exactly like the people or how they treat me). Imagine if we were out of a sale item and instead of checking in the back for more or telling them to get a raincheck at customer service for the price I said "that shit you wanted sucks anyways why not just get some icecream instead." They would probably feel disrespected and I would get in trouble or fired.
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ZombieKiller  +   1104d ago
Agreed. Plus the PlayStation is the stronger of the 2. Why should PS3 owners always suffer. If they did their job, we wouldn't have those issues.

PS3 games cost the same amount as 360 games, they should be the same quality.

-Joke or not, the way this generation has been, it would piss me off too
MikeMyers  +   1104d ago
If I had invested that much money into a PC and got that response I wouldn't see it as a joke in the context he implied. I would see it as a joke of how people view the industry and making games for the lowest common denominator. Crytek should be concentrating on making sure the PC version runs as smooth as possible and not put all their efforts on the Xbox 360.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1105d ago
To be fair I don't think it's a very funny joke.
Nothing witty about it or anything. Especially when the guy was just trying to play the beta which actually helps Crytek out.
I mean look at it from the guy asking the question's point of view.
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adorie  +   1104d ago
When I read it, I found it extremely funny. Crytek has some very good humor. I mean, an Xbox 360 which is on it's way out, vs. 2 GFX cards in SLI... let go and laugh, I say.
0ut1awed  +   1104d ago
I am not sure of the original comment but I am sure it went something like this... "Whine, whine, whine. SlI doesn't work on my specificity system in the beta. You guys broke it and I'm not buying it."

I think he was telling the user to get a 360 if he expected 100% performance stability. They will have issues with the exponential number of pc part combinations out there. It's a pc beta, what do you expect...
Blank  +   1105d ago
Sure some people do need to chill but keep in mind not everyone has the same level of tolerance I admit I did laugh and im sure those forums have repeat posts about the sli issue but I think it shouldve been responded a little more properly consdering its a beta and all it aint that big of an issue but still it wouldve been better if it was replied with "we are working on this issue stay posted for update" im all for humor but since its the internet and ideals clash alot its going to be blown up anyways
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney   1104d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Abdou23  +   1104d ago
Professional employees aren't supposed to joke, they suppose to only offer help.

Anyone thinks it's okay is an idiot.
ALLWRONG  +   1104d ago
"Professional employees aren't supposed to joke"

Who says? When did that law pass?
Septic  +   1104d ago
You'd make a great North Korean resident.
Snookies12  +   1104d ago
@ALLWRONG - Read what you quoted once more...

"Professional employees aren't supposed to joke"

If you're a part of a "professional" company, you need to act "professional".

It's fine for them to joke around, but when a consumer asks you about a serious problem, that is not the time to joke around. You help them out how you can. If the guy had given a solution to the issue or said they'd work on it before putting, "buy a 360?" Something akin to (Here's how to fix your problem, if that doesn't work, buy a 360?). That would have been much better. As it stands though, that was in bad taste on his part.
iamnsuperman  +   1104d ago
A joke maybe but should Crytek being joking around about this issue. I don't think so. There should be a level of professionalism here and that was lacking
KingKevo  +   1104d ago
Yeah, but in a Beta test the developers are usually trying to find and solve problems. And he was just reporting a problem he had and asked if there was any solution. I bet he didn't go there to hear a lame joke. The guy who wrote that should take it more serious and try to make his joke somwhere else in the forum where it's more offtopic or general talk, but not as a reply to someone who's seeking for support.
UnholyLight  +   1104d ago
SIDES. This Crytek guy has a great sense of humour. I've been saying it for a while, I hope nobody actually spends a bunch of money on a "gaming rig" to play the same games you could play on a $300 console. Pure idiocy. Anyone out there who spends $2000+ to have slightly better graphics than the Xbox or Playstation guys is an idiot, or has too much money.

Maybe a little unprofessional, yes, but a total win in my opinion.
Hicken  +   1104d ago
The game isn't the "same," even if the name is the same. Even as a console-only gamer, I know that much.

Then again, you ARE a 360 fanboy, so you not knowing it isn't surprising...
madjedi  +   1104d ago
@unholy "slighty better graphics" lmao if you think it's only slightly better, you need to have your head surgically removed from your ass. It been 7-8 yrs of graphics cards improvements, there is nothing slightly about it.

$2000+ for a pc, only for the most uber hardcore sli pc gamers, average is probably $600-1000 on a full tear down upgrade. And your good for another 3-5 yrs for gaming.

If i do eventually upgrade mine it will $600-900, because everything is getting trashed minus a couple of hdds, although i might wait till ddr4 becomes available.

Look at some of skyrim texture mods and try to say slightly better graphics with a straight face.

I love my console games, but i am not blind to how superior graphics are on pc.

@Article if it's gameplay is anything like crysis 2, i'll pass if you can't get enjoyable gameplay, graphics mean nothing.

And how many people would appreciate their doctor joking around with their test results or a mechanic joking about the repair estimate.

You expect a certain amount of professionalism, when you are dealing with people employed in a established industry.
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Somebody  +   1104d ago
I've been saying this for a while: some PC gamers who actually spend the said bunch of money in some ways will benefit console gamers in next gen. Those fancy DX11 effects PC gamers currently enjoy is bound for next gen consoles and developers+gamers will enjoy tons DX11 ready console games upon launch compared to the current gen's hectic first several months.

There would be less time waiting for developers to re-learn new game codes since there's an already huge library of them available - thanks to PC gamers.

So, instead of looking at PC gamers as wasteful gamers with money to burn, think of us as beta testers for your next gen consoles-from super efficient hardware management to optimizing DX11 codes. For every complaints and whines we have for our PC version, we're actually helping developers hone their DX-11 skills in preparation for next gen consoles.
IAmLee  +   1104d ago
Considering he was asking for the assistance of a highly regarded game company, you'd at least expect a professional response.
GraveLord  +   1104d ago
It really wasn't. If you don't want to deal with these PC issues there are consoles out there with the exact same game. Graphics aren't everything.
Allsystemgamer  +   1104d ago
no theyre not BUT pc has:

improved view distances
sharper image
much higher framerate
better and more responsive controls
moddable files to fit YOUR preferance
dedicated servers unless the dev is stupid

its not just graphics but better over all performance.

why do you console fanboys always think it's just about graphics then think you have the right to complain when a console game has framerate dips?
ATi_Elite  +   1104d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
I'm all cool with Jokes like:

My Nvidia SLi is not working........then go buy AMD CFX ha ha very funny!

but for some MORON to tell me to step way down and buy a Xbox 360 is totally OFFENSIVE!

How about I just Pirate your Game: PC and PS3 version, got a WiiU version well I'll just Pirate that too! My emulators are all good!

Joke is not so funny anymore now is it CRYTEK?
Don't screw with PC Gamers....we have a voice and power unlike others. Just ask the WarZ Devs how they are feeling right now (Bankrupt).

Either way it's just the Beta so wait till NVIDIA fixes the SLI issue cause Crytek SUCKS and while your waiting just use one card. Nvidia is darn good about fixing things faster than most Devs so go check the Nvidia forums as as Hot fix may already be in place.

Unless Crysis 3 has gone back to the Original Crysis format then I don't see Crysis 3 being worth buying or Pirating anyway as the game became a Linear console game.

I'm sure I'll get a FREE Crysis 3 code the next time I buy a GPU anyway so I don't have to buy it and I surely will not Pirate it!
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Axecution  +   1104d ago
@ATi_Elite. How do you have more agrees than disagrees?

"Durrrr you guys make bad game i pirate nao so u lern lessen lol see hao powrful i am?"

<Next day>


<Kind of funny that people said the same thing about GTA4 when it came out for PC. "This isnt optimized 100%! IM PIRATING IT">

Im sorry, PC piracy is the reason we dont have games. Not the reason we dont have good games.
I'm so surprised we got DmC for PC.

Seriously; complain about console ports all you want - they're better than not having console ports.

I wish PC piracy was somehow gone so pirating idiot moron douchebags cant say stuff like what you just said.

Pirating a game doesnt teach them a lesson for not giving you all your 1337 dual-graphic-card 90000000 x 1203925484754 resolution support, it just makes less games come out for PC and gives me and other people a reason to keep their PS3 and 360.
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BertlSenix  +   1104d ago

No it isn't - Its a garbage console
If he should get one its the PS3 aka the console who is getting tons of Exclusives this year while the 360 gets another Copy+paste shooter of their 3 franchises they have and release every damn year.
FamilyGuy  +   1104d ago
Lol, getting pissed off at a beta? lmao, these guys need to hold off on complaining till AFTER they've actually spent money on a game that didn't work.

This guy didn't pay for the beta so get over it, if the problem isn't fixed by launch I'm sure they'll have a warning on the cover advising against SLi users purchasing it.

Beta, not even a demo, he should be allowed to joke around.
shackdaddy  +   1104d ago
PC guys are still pretty pissed off about Crysis 2.
Bordel_1900  +   1104d ago
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition with new textures etc. looks pretty awesome though and is leaps & bounds ahead of my PS3 version.
Axecution  +   1104d ago
I think it's mostly how it was worded.

Like if he said

"Buy a 360! Haha jk. Looking into it thanks for the feedback." or something like that it wouldnt be a big deal xD
smithmaria595   1104d ago | Spam
AmkOwns  +   1104d ago
"Buy a 360?"I just got the joke haha
Convas  +   1105d ago
If this person had purchased Crysis 3, this would've been inappropriate.

However, it's a FREE demo and they're working on it. Big whoop. Much ado (as usual) about nothing.
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SolidDuck  +   1105d ago
Exactly if this was a full release that would be one thing but since its just a beta demo it's not a big deal. I'm sure there workin on it. I'm sure this employee didn't have an exact answer for him, so instead of just saying we're workin on it, he decided to try and be funny. Maybe poor taste, but everyone doesn't need to be so ultra sensitive.
ALLWRONG  +   1104d ago
Agree +1
SonyNGP  +   1105d ago
thezeldadoth  +   1105d ago
fun beta, my only problem with the game is that everybody is running around invisible all the time. kind of overboard honestly, and i have to run around invisible too or i'm the only one standing there being seen
jjb1981  +   1105d ago
It's a beta.... Hellllloooooooo!
Mathew9R   1105d ago | Spam
SkullBlade169  +   1105d ago
Tbh running dual GPUs is asking for trouble anyway, they have all sorts of problems...
dennett316  +   1105d ago
Agreed, I truly don't see the point. How many monitors could you possibly need to run the game across? How high does the fps really need to be? How smooth the edges of polygons before it's enough? Eventually the law of diminishing returns has got to kick in and it just doesn't become worth the outlay for the "improvements" that are craved.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1105d ago
"How high does the fps really need to be?"

Is this a legitimate question? As high as it can go, and even further. Having high FPS is important. It makes games bearable on the eyes.
dennett316  +   1105d ago
Yes, legit question. Beyond 60fps, how high does it really need to be? Does strapping 2 high powered cards together - and all the associated costs - make Far Cry 3 a better game than on my relatively modest Sandybridge i5, GTX 560ti and 4gig ram? Does it make it the hundreds of pounds/dollars better that some people are paying for sometimes minor boosts in performance?
SkullBlade169  +   1104d ago
By the time games detailed enough to warrant the use of dual cards come out, you will be able to buy a single card more powerful than both of them cheaper anyway, so what's the point?

I'm happy with my single GTX670 anyway and it maxes Crysis 3 just fine with no lag, no need for me to get another one.
ATi_Elite  +   1104d ago
I running dual GPU's in both my PC's

GTX560ti SLI 1GHZ 3 1080p 3D 24" HP monitors

HD6950 unlocked to HD6970 CFX 30" HP monitor

I have ZERO problems. it's all about automatic driver updates (Thank you Steam) and keeping your Registry Clean.

People who have SLI/CFX problems have old drivers and a dirty Registry PERIOD

I'm not in the Crysis beta but im in several other betas of other games and if i do have a dual card issue in Beta I just turn off one card until a fix is made. You can expect issues in a Beta.

Upon Gold release I have no SLI/CFX issues. I have more raw power than a single card at the same price point.
dennett316  +   1105d ago
This is only offensive if you're a humourless blob of misery which, to be fair, a lot of PC and console gamers can be when they feel entitled.
"How dare he insult me? Doesn't he know how much I spent on my rig?". As Justin Timberlake once said...."Cry me a river...yeah!", and if a hollywood pretty boy like Timberlake makes you look whiny in comparison, then it's time to re-evaluate things and just play some damn games rather than worrying about an extra few FPS and other tech minutia that most don't give a crap about.
SkolarVisari  +   1105d ago
That was only funny if you are a complete jackass who doesn't understand that this person was just asking for help rather than unfunny and unhelpful jokes that do absolutely nothing to solve the problem he is having.

And to the people saying "Helllloooo it's a beta" what does that have to do with anything? All the person asked was how to get it to work with the game and he got a troll response from one of the staff members instead of possible solutions or "Hey right now it is all fubared, but we are trying to resolve the issue." It was a stupid thing to do that did not help the person at all unlike some other posters tried to.
PhantomT1412  +   1104d ago
Exactly, the problem was not the problem itself (many other games have problem with SLI/Crossfire and it's still a beta) but the response coming from a dev.
3GenGames  +   1105d ago
Well when the company who makes the great hardware provides terrible drivers and no way for developers to REALLY test SLI cards, this is expected.
BanBrother  +   1105d ago
This was a paid advertisement by Microsoft™ Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington, USA.
pandehz  +   1105d ago
Lmao stop making it such a big deal. Blame the support staff maybe but now its gone to the point where

Crytek Sucks
EA Sucks
Crysis Sucks
Games Suck
Nvidia Suck
etc etc

Come on ppl dont blow it out of proportion, our comments actually have an effect. The guy who complained of course had reason to even though Crytek cant do too much till Nvidia fixes it. Also the support guy could have handled it better.

Ppl should actually complain how personal trolling becomes news. Somehow I feel it was the authors computer we are talking about and he feels he needs some internet news power to get some justice?
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RuleofOne343  +   1105d ago
@raytraceme How do you Pirate a game like Alan Wake on Xbox when it was released for Xbox ,then released for PC a year or two later.Since when has the Xbox allowed Pirated game to be played on it. JC
ame22  +   1104d ago
Joking or not, devs have gotten real lazy these days and they're not even trying to hide it anymore.
pr0digyZA  +   1104d ago
I think it was all done as a good joke, but I can understand if you are frustrated at something not working and then some one says something not very helpful (especially a developer, as its really a business). I'm sure after the guy cooled down though, he realised he should have looked at it in another way.
nofallouthero  +   1104d ago
that joke seemed really unproffesional :/
Zerotino  +   1104d ago
If it was posted by anyone else, then yeah, it would have been funny. But when its one of the staff in the support forums of all places, then no, its really damn stupid, Beta or not. I probably would have shared the same reaction.
Kennytaur  +   1104d ago
Funny reply, not really professional though. But put yourself in the Crytek supports shoes, it must have been irresistible.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   1104d ago
As a PC fan a gotta say that was...hilarious. LOL!!!
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Kidmyst  +   1104d ago
Over a BETA I wouldn't get so upset but these things as a Company should be reported since it is a BETA and you want to know what to fix. This sounds like someone who worked for EA. I was frustrated after building a new Rig for PC gaming and while the BF3 Multiplayer ran perfectly the single player crashed constantly and wasn't fixed for Months, tried every trick that worked for some. If the Buy a 360 was really a joke, most say J/K right away. They were tired of hearing of problems and said what they felt. This is the downside to PC gaming, so many configs in various rigs out there, you could run into troubles until it's patched.
WetN00dle69  +   1104d ago
chukamachine  +   1104d ago
Did sli long ago, never again.

Buy a strong card that will last.

Never buy a new card when a new DX appears, because it'll be crap at it.

3rd edition is best.
#21 (Edited 1104d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LightofDarkness  +   1104d ago
God damn it lads, grow a sense of humour. And yes, it's a beta, SLI optimization tends to come POST full release for many games, it's not like you wouldn't know that if you've had that config before.
karlowma  +   1104d ago
Was gonna say the same thing. It's the same with Crossfire. We're lucky to get good support post release, so I'm not surprised to see issues in the beta.

I'm downloading now, so we'll see.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1104d ago
He is probably pissed of that people these days seem to have forgotten what BETA means. seriously people get access to an open beta and they complain and bitch like they are entitled to soo much more.
kevnb  +   1104d ago
oh cmon, some people take things too seriously. This doesnt even deserve an article.
#24 (Edited 1104d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1104d ago
thats true about 75% of what N4G allows. still waiting for them to change the name to Blogs 4 Gamers B4G fits way better than N4G here
karlowma  +   1104d ago
The problem is that developers don't always seem to realize how important it is involve hardware manufacturers in the process. That's the whole idea behind nVidia's "The Way It's Meant To Be Played", and AMD's "Gaming Evolved", or whatever they're calling it today.

Tossing some early builds the way of GPU manufacturers allows them to begin early optimization of their drivers, which just seems like it would be a good idea for everyone.
Silly gameAr  +   1104d ago
Ohhh, I see now. I see trolls use that same joke on gaming forums everyday, and I had no idea it was supposed to be funny. I've never laughed once, so sorry Crytek dev dude, but you saying it to a potential buyer didn't make me laugh either.

Damn, I guess I need one of those senses of humor I hear so much about.
chronoforce  +   1104d ago
Hilarious! :D
russo121  +   1104d ago
IMO it is a stupid comment from krytek - If the comment was "Buy BF3 or buy BF4 when it gets out" - that would be a good joke.
Stupid crytek employee. Need to be fir...
T3MPL3TON  +   1104d ago
I love the straight up Crytek d*ck sucking going on here. When another company pulls a stunt like this people go ape sh*t. When Crytek does it. Oh it's just a joke. Jeez don't take it so serious.

The only company I've ever seen push graphics to a high point to a point so high, Crysis is still one of the best looking games you can buy. Only to dumb it down for the second game. They started taking those EA fun bucks. Soon as Crysis 3 drops we'll get info on Crysis 4.
#29 (Edited 1104d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
landog  +   1104d ago
lol....the 360 cannot even play crysis 1 from 2007 properly, same with ps3, covered in jaggies, horrible draw distance, awful performance, bad shadows

the response was a joke and its probably user error and not the engines fault, im quite sure sli will be very efficient in crysis 3
#30 (Edited 1104d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
karlowma  +   1104d ago
Reading the comments != reading the article.

Crysis 3 beta is available today.

"im quite sure sli will be very efficient"

Speaking as a multi-gpu user myself, this is something you can NEVER be sure of.
#30.1 (Edited 1104d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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