Call of Duty 4 Patch "very very close" - IW Community Relations

Fourzerotwo, (IW community relations), has stated on his website that the patch is "very very close." He thinks it should be out by this weekend.

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Vip3r3737d ago

Is this just for the 360 version?

Fishy Fingers3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Yes, i believe they stated the PS3 update is about a week behind.

EDIT: No worries vip3r.

Lifendz3737d ago

Guess I'll have to survive another week of people playing music through their headsets, making random noise, and spewing offensive slurs.

socomnick3736d ago

why don't you just mute them bring up their gamertag and all the way in the bottom it says mute. you will never be bothered by that person again.

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Farsendor13737d ago

The Ps3 Feature Patch has officially made it’s way off to Sony and has been going through the certification process, this one should be a rather quick turnaround hopefully so I’m not expecting too much delay on this at all. I will keep you updated as much as I can on it’s progress.

name3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

didnt the 360 already get their patch? why is this in the 360 section?

edit nvm its for the 360

caffman3736d ago

here's hoping for this weekend

Cyan83133737d ago

The update Im looking forward to is the ACOG/Sniper sight fix. Will be nice to have the weapon hit where you aim it...

pharmd3736d ago

yeah, those scopes are such a turnoff i dont even bother, they need some improving to compete with the red dot!

Nostradamus3736d ago

But it does say that the ACOG takes away accuracy, but gives distance. I never use it, so I dont have any complaints about it.

M-4, Red Dot, Red tiger Camo.
Extra Ammo, Stopping Power, Penetration.

^^ Thats my setup ^^

gta_cb3736d ago

completely agree, i also have killed a lot of snipers with my red dot side from quite far away =D i never use the ACOG scope

Tone3737d ago

.... its all good :D

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The story is too old to be commented.