Crysis 3 Beta: Graphics maxed out

German website published 50 screenshots from the current multiplayer beta of Crysis 3 with maximum ingame settings. They also applied downsampling so that the graphics are maxed out at least with the beta. Although the final version of Crysis 3 may offer some more graphical tweaks they state on Facebook that Crysis 3 is "a definitive graphics revolution".

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chukamachine2149d ago

I'd say DMC has epic battles.


But the article is correct.

akaakaaka2148d ago

crysis 3 on a high end pc looks like a PS3 HD remake for the PS4.. ;)

Twignberries2148d ago

Is this some kind of lame joke that no one understands but you?

ninjahunter2148d ago

Hmm, Well trying the beta cant hurt. Looks like they did a decent enough job with the PC initial release. Idk, If i dont try it these articles are only going to dig up bad memories from crysis 2.

LKHGFDSA2148d ago

next generation, impressive graphics won't be what you can see, but what you can interact with.

BullyMangler2148d ago

hoh boiy . .crysis graphics are a thing of copy and paste . nothing is oiginal here. . the art style is the usual. they like . lets put as much detail as possible into normal looking bodies and environments so that people can think we got skill? . give me a break . Res Evil 1 Remake for Gamecube is still more astonishing than crysis . ANYONE CAN DO WHAT CRYSIS TEAM DISHES OUT . . IT TAKES SKILL TO GIVE GAME A DISTINCT LOOK. THIS GAME AINT GOT REAL TALENT NOPE