WorthPlaying Preview - Hail to the Chimp

One thing your high school science classes never taught you is that the animal kingdom is ruled by a representative democracy. WorthPlaying supposes that omission can be forgiven, as the animals just recently converted to this system and are in the midst of their very first election. At least, that's the story that Gamecock would like you to believe in Hail to the Chimp, their upcoming satirical game.

You see, King Leo has been deposed after a string of embarrassments, and your chosen character wishes to take the reins of government. This is not an uncontested election, however, as the other "candidates" are all out there trying to sway the very same voters and rig the very same system that you are. In order to claim victory, you'll be playing several minigames that range from planting yard signs to destroying rigged voting machines, all in a fast-paced Mario Party-style arena.

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