Crysis 3 - PC Multiplayer Beta Is Now Available

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for PC gamers as the Multiplayer Beta of Crysis 3 is now available. The bad news is that you’ll have to download the beta via Origin, and we do know that some of you hate EA’s service. Nevertheless, those interested will have to head over to the ‘Store’ and then to the ‘Demos’ section."

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john21820d ago

same here. Okay, Origin is a requirement but most of us saw that coming, right?

Cobain191820d ago

thanks for the heads-up. Downloading

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djslimzz1820d ago

Downloading: 37% Completed!

neoMAXMLC1820d ago

DX11 ONLY. Wow... Thanks Crytek. Even though you got your game working on consoles you decide to screw over those with old hardware that is still leaps and bounds more powerful.

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