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Analog Addiction Writes: "The Shin Megami Tensei series is definitely one of those “goes against the grain” RPGs. While it sits behind Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in terms of sales –respectively – make no questions that among the top tiered Japanese role-playing series, SMT sits mighty high. However, it is not because of its main title series, although in its own right the main series is still quite good. No, it’s because of a spin-off series called Persona, and with this recent release of the newly enhanced version of Persona 4, the PlayStation Vita is home to its first traditional JRPG. The question remains, how is it?"

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Aggesan2145d ago

Come to Europe already! Actually, nevermind, Ni No Kuni will make the wait seem like a second.

YxUxNO2144d ago

one of the greatest games ever created

TongkatAli2144d ago

Marie Dungeon is completely worth a second purchase. Love that Dungeon.