Crysis 3 multiplayer beta available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

El33tonline writes:

"The promised multiplayer open beta for Crysis 3 is now live and available to download on Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE Marketplace, bringing with it your chance to savour the sweet taste of Crytek’s latest shooter."

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OliverKO2143d ago

Maximum Time Spent Playing the Beta!

caseh2143d ago

It's going to come about after the PSN updates this week from what I understand. 29th/30th depending on your region.

Intentions2143d ago

Hunter mode is pretty fun :)

The multiplayer seems the same to crysis 2 for me atm.

Fil1012143d ago

Hope not I tryed so hard to give crisis 2 a decent chance but the amount of times I got into lobbys with yellow bar connections and they were the people finnishing top of the leader board with some ludicris over the top KD ratio.

Sandmano2143d ago

The PC beta was pretty fun killing people by throwing cars on them never got old!

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