Leaked: PlayStation Store release list for 25 PAL classics

European PlayStation 3 owners are about to get a huge amount of 25 fan favorite and cult classic PlayStation One games on the PlayStation Store in the near future. Included are: Bust a Groove, Klonoa, three Namco Museums, Omega Boost, Ridge Racer, two Tekkens, two Wipeouts, and Vib Ribbon!

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Fishy Fingers3943d ago

Actually a few games in there i might pick up for nostalgic reasons!

Nice work Sony, lets keep them coming!

Still, id like to start seeing some PS2 titles getting the same treatment!

Qbanboi3943d ago

I agree with you on the Ps2 title in PSN, but, what's the point if there are like 120 millions Ps2 console out there. And what's best 100 of then use swap magic. And get their game for free. But should be interesting when the Ps2 is dead. See some games on the Ps3

BlackCountryBob3943d ago

Yey Kurushi and Colony Wars, made my day that has.

I agree that it would be nice to see some PS2 games come to the PSN.

Panthers3943d ago

I never played the first, but Colony Wars Vengence was SOOO hard. It was by far the hardest game that I have ever played, even more so than Ninja Gaiden.

BlackCountryBob3943d ago

Kurushi is IMO a under-rated classic of the puzzle game genre, genuinely challenging but not unfairly so and deceptively simple. I can't wait to get a copy of it on my PSP to play on the bus.

GodsHand3943d ago

"I can't wait to get a copy of it on my PSP to play on the bus."

Yeah me too, but I live here in the states.

Zatoichi3943d ago

This could be nice, especially for those not into shooters, sports or racing games. Unfortunately SCEE are not known for getting things right. We in Europe are still waiting for the previous games they promised such as Crash Bandicoot 2. Not getting exited. Sorry.

Regret3943d ago

Klonoa. My first game on PS1 :)

Animal Mutha 763943d ago

I dunno about the rest of my fellow Brits But as a 40GB owner I would rather pop the disc in I already own or can pick up for 50p at the local car boot.

Removing the BC was right from a cost pov but not having a s/w solution wasn't the smartest move and the EU got a bit shafted here I think. Surely with the 2Tflop of Cell they could do an MS and provide software emulation. Forza 1 plays like a dream on my 360.

I guess this won't happen as making a couple of quid off a download seems to have worked so well for MS that now they all will do it.

Just my opinion...

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The story is too old to be commented.