Secret Agent Clank - Siliconera previews silently treading through a museum

Dressed in a James Bond style tuxedo, Clank lands on a museum world. Where's Ratchet? Clank has to save him from being accused of stealing the Eye of Infinity. Rushing into combat armed with a giant gun isn't his style. Clank needs to use stealth because he has a limited supply of ranged weapons. His standard attack is a series of karate chops ending with a spinning kick, a suitable combo to fend off tiny robotic dogs, but rather useless against larger patrol robots. Early in the first stage Clank is presented with a briefcase containing a nifty gadget, the tiearang. The razor sharp projectile locks on to large guard robots and takes them down in a few hits. However, if Clank alerts one of the guard robots by stepping into their range of sight he can be taken down in a few hits.

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