Microsoft Ordered to Pay $1.4bn to EU for Anit-Competitive Behaviour


"Microsoft has been fined a hefty amount for violating the sanctions originally placed on them back in 2004 for anti-competitive behavior. The original violation involved Microsoft failing to share crucial information with its rival software makers."

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ukilnme3942d ago

Eventhough MS can afford it, this still has to hurt.

Black_Jack3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )


guess its not about ms simply doing better than competitors, the case is about MS monopolising the industry and using business practice which makes it difficault for competition to arise. without a competitive market, development and innovation will die. this will definately hurt ms's rep in the EU market (on the business side more)its not about making some money its about protecting the consumer and giving smaller developers own software a chance to make the market a more diverse place.

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name3942d ago

Microsoft hates competition? I don't see what could have ever gave them that idea.

Kaz Hirai3942d ago

Microsoft- The gigantic, pulsating tumour of the gaming industry.


Iron Man 23942d ago


So true,fvck you Microsoft,Sony and Apple FTW!;)

dabizo3942d ago

EU is probably Microsofts biggest market - consisting of over 40 something countries including United Kingdom. I do think the EU council goes on and on at this anti-competitive bullsh$t.

resistance1003942d ago

No its more to do with the fact that the EU has standards, if Walmart was in the EU, it would be fined majory for there business ethic's.

Competition = Great for customers. Why do you think at first teh EU were unsure whenever to allow the GAME taking over GAMESTATION deal to go through. Why do you also think that there is constant reports which warn MS because of the build quailty of the 360.

socsca3941d ago

27, the EU consists of 27 member-states, there are three official candidate states of which only one is likely to be admitted anytime soon. Several other non-member states are also "associated" with the EU, ien Norway and Switzerland, but the total figure doesn't come close to 40.

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