Dear Wii U Developers: You Don’t Need to Use the GamePad Touch Screen

GenGAME writes: "I think Nintendo’s made a major misstep in its message for Wii U. When they unveiled the new Wii U GamePad, they spoke a lot about its capabilities – its dual-analog control with clickable sticks, its + Control Pad and ABXY configuration that has perfect parity with the “classic controller” configuration, added ZL and ZR triggers for maximum input options, and of course, its 16:9 touch screen.

"What I came away with was: “Okay, so this controller offers people tons of options for how they want to develop and play their games.” But what third-party developers seem to have come away with was: “Okay, so now we have to figure out how to implement that added touch screen in some kind of interesting way, just like we did for Wii motion controls last generation.”"

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animegamingnerd2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

just wondering does nintendo make them have to use it in some way then if so just do something pointless with it like touch it to switch weapons or just put a map there

morpha2145d ago

Ive heard that Nintendo offer incentives to make your game use more of the wiiU's unique features.

animegamingnerd2145d ago

so pretty much nintendo offer's to come up with a way to use the gamepad if you can't think of a way?

Old McGroin2145d ago

"Ive heard that Nintendo offer incentives to make your game use more of the wiiU's unique features."

Really? Can you post a link to where you saw this?

MikeMyers2145d ago

They don't force them but as a publisher you would probably want to. People are going to buy a Wii U for the exclusives and the difference gameplay mechanics surrounding the Gamepad. They are not going to buy one to have experiences similar to last gen. hardware and new systems on the horizon that will likely push beyond what the Wii U can do technically.

However they should not force those gameplay features. That is what suffered on the Wii, not every game needed motion controls tacked on.

Thatguy-3102145d ago

Think that's the case. Or maybe developers know their games won't sell a lot on Nintendo consoles compared to sonys and Microsofts and that's why they won't bother putting resources for another port.

CaptainN2145d ago

Nintendo does not require anyone to use the Gamepad.

PopRocks3592145d ago

I think it isn't fair for the Wii U to be skipped because developers don't think they can make use of the touch screen. That's what Off-TV play is for. Core Wii U owners will gravitate toward that content with or without the specialized functionality. Cap com is releasing an updated version of Monster Hunter 3 and that won't even have Off-TV play. Why can't other debs try this? Especially if porting the game is relatively cheap?

MEsoJD2145d ago

I don't think the touch screen is the main reason developers are skipping. It's more of lack of faith in the audience that have Wii-U's. Third party sold like crap on the Wii and I'm sure their hesitant to invest. Hopefully support will get better.

OmegaSlayer2145d ago

That's it but Nintendo fanboys won't ever accept it.
WiiU had the chance to lunch with 2 of the biggest franchises of this gen: Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and Assassin's Creed 3 and they totally bombed.
The sales are low and the attachment rate is bad.
WiiU has 2,6 millions consoles around and it sold 1500000 BlOps2 and 110000 AC3 that means 5.7% attachment rate for BlOps2 and 4.2% for AC3 compared to PS3 72,3 millions consoles, 11,82 mil BlOps2, 4,54 mil AC3 => BlOps att.rate 16.3% , AC3 att.rate 6.2%
This is what devs see, not the touch pad.

G-cis2145d ago

considering those games also avaiable on PS360 and launching AFTER the ps360 launch,im not surprised that it bombed

PirateThom2145d ago


Black Ops II launched 5 days later in NA on Wii U. Surely anyone with a Wii U pre-order would have waited.

Even with that, the release of both those games was less than a month after the other versions, anyone with a pre-order would, likely, pre-order games.

It's exactly the same problem the Vita has. Why would developers make specific Wii U versions when no one is buying them?

PopRocks3592145d ago

I made my original comment because both Crystal Dynamics and Gearbox shared the same sentiment about the gamepad.


That's a pretty mature remark about fanboys. /s

Keep in mind, it's cheaper to port to the Wii U according to Ubisoft. With that in mind, you would not need to sell as many copies to make a profit. If Black Ops 2 sold 150000 as you stated, multiply the numbers and it should come out to more than the development costs (also according to Ubisoft being less than a million).

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metroid322145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Can i say only 2 developers have said they wont do a port due to wanting to impliment panaramic viewpoint and touch ect which is fair enough all it means is you'll end up with quality over quantity,and the devs who's making the next Metro said horrible cpu,guess what Xenoblade2 WiiU says hello its proper Nextgen in every aspect and there was zero cpu problems ie theres alot more power at hand,Xenoblade isnt pushing WiiU to the max but its prob KING of graphics at present on consoles,DICE/4A games you havn't been told you've been shown.

Ezz20132145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

nothing was showing on wiiu
is next gen nor even close to gfx king on consoles

the reason why the wiiu is not on fire with sales
because it didn't show any thing that scream next gen games or gfx that even beat the top 3rd party titles on consoles let alone 1st part studios from sony/MS
and the lack of 3rd party support on wiiu is not helping too

Benjaminkno2145d ago

Do we really need an article about it?
Redundancy to its finest.

legendoflex2145d ago

Haven't you been reading the reports of developers skipping Wii U because they can't think of a way to use the GamePad? Clearly they don't get the message.

Benjaminkno2145d ago

I think that's hogwash.
There are numerous control schemes.
They're either just coming up with excuses or just lack vision and should skip WiiU anyway.

zerocrossing2145d ago

Just use the touch screen for inventory, checking your map or puzzle mini games.

I didn't know devs were being forced to use it, if they really don't know what to do just implement off TV play.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2145d ago


I guess they are worried about losing money by not using the WiiU touch screen but they may also be losing money by not using the WiiU at all.

WiiU has 3 other control schemes for them to execute-

if their company can't afford the R&D to think of something EPIC just make a normal game without the "New-Shiny".
Core and Real Gamers won't care. (Some of them may even thank you).

Drainage2145d ago

I like how zombiu used the side of the screens as extra buttons.

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