Limited Edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller designs revealed

Xbox UK has revealed three previous designs for the Tomb Raider controller that were ultimately rejected in favour of the final design chosen.

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Drainage2122d ago

xbox wants dat tomb raider money

Numphie2122d ago

Well obviously Xbox benefits from this partnership. But then again so do the Tomb Raider fans who own Xbox 360 consoles...

Thatguy-3102122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

They are basically targeting it as uncharted for xbox. Wouldn't be surprised if it actually sold more than the PS3 version. Just like the whole infamous and prototype games. PS3 crowd will stick with there exclusive over the multiplatform one.

Good_Guy_Jamal2122d ago

Really? Because they seemed to have stuck to multiplats last year with none the exclusives selling more than a million a piece.

DarthJay2122d ago

Um... or they made a limited edition controller based on a video game? Kind of like the Call Of Duty, Killzone, God Of War and I don't know, many others that Playstation has done? You realize both companies do this all the time, right?

And you do realize that Tomb Raider was doing Uncharted before Uncharted was even a pipe dream, right? And they both got the gimmick from Indiana Jones. Someone searching the world for treasure is hardly an original idea. Done well? Sure.

You also realize people buy video games without worrying about whether or not people on other platforms have the ability to play them, right?

You can put your pom poms away now.

Thatguy-3102122d ago

Really? Show me any TR game that is as fast pace in action and has over the top cinematic moments. I'm dying to see them.
Didn't mean it in that way. That's why I brought up the infamous and prototype comparison. If you see when both games were releasing they were being compared to much for looking so similar. If you look at the sales infamous sold more on the PS3 than the prototype game. I'm saying it will happen again with TR and uncharted.

CGI-Quality2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Except that [PROTOTYPE] on PS3 sold so close to the 360 version, the difference was meaningless. inFAMOUS sold nearly more than both versions combined. As for Tomb Raider, the highest selling one on the HD consoles is Underworld. The PS3 version is ahead and that was 2008.

Thus, it's possible for the 360 version to sell the most, but unlikely.

DarthJay2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

@dboyc310 - The theme of the game Einstein.

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Azurite2122d ago

They rejected "Puzzle", I would have chosen that one had I owned an Xbox.

Good_Guy_Jamal2122d ago

Classic Lara. What exactly am I looking at here? Hehehe ;D