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When the use of its tone is thoughtful, DmC allows itself room to discuss interesting ideas. But it waves these thoughts in my face, then immediately forgets them, losing its appeal very quickly, and leaving a game that feels shallow and void of purpose.

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juandren2148d ago

Some DmC reviews are so damn biased it's unbelievable. I wonder what score he would have given the game if this was the only one he played from the series. Game series fanboys are just the worst and they are so blinded that they refuse to acknowledge that they are actually having fun

Tony-Red-Grave2148d ago

might as well accept it. they don't like the game or direction its taking. Most won't acknowledge it as DmC but life goes on, and i for one hope they release a squeal with a harder difficulty,more bosses, and of course harder bosses.

juandren2148d ago

I feel that while games are getting better by the year, gamers are getting proportionally worse. Gone are the days where you could pop *virtually* any game into your console and just enjoy the living crap out of it. One of the games that I thoroughly enjoyed back in the day was A Bug's Life for crying out loud. It's sad to think the gaming community itself might never go back to its root. Which is ironic because with every other game they complain about the game evolving too much or not staying true to the series while we are constantly evolving ourselves

Blacktric2147d ago

"Some DmC reviews are so damn biased it's unbelievable."

-Game gets 10/10, 9-9,5/10
hohoho best game ever suck it fanboys

-One reviewer gives it a 6.5 out of 10
hurr all of these reviewers are so biased, it's a good thing I'm an open minded person hurr

Step it up already. This has gotten boring.

DragonKnight2147d ago

So let me get this straight. Capcom and Ninja Theory try to develop a paradox of a game, both trying to cash in on a franchise and yet at the same time wanting it to be reviewed/played as its own entity, and that's ok.

But when a reviewer reviews the game based on the franchise as a whole, which falls in line with Capcom's obvious cash grab in using the name, and score the game based on that it's WRONG? Now who's biased?

juandren2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

All I'm trying to say is that if a game is good, it's good. Full stop. Some reviewers and gamers are too hyped up on expectations or a false sense of "tradition" that they will fail to see it. Change is good. Even Barack Obama will tell you that :P

Blacktric2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

"Change is good."

No. It's not necessarily good whenever it happens. And saying that, again, proves how much high you are on your own "open minded" image.