GTA game in Sci-fi and Futuristic setting is very Tempting and Possible says Rockstar

Would you like to see a GTA game in sci-fi environment and surrounding and futuristic setting?, well Rockstar Games has not objections to a GTA game set in future until and unless it do good justification to the series.

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Y_51501813d ago

Wasn't GTA 2 futuristic?

Outside_ofthe_Box1813d ago

I like the idea of a GTA style game being set in a futuristic setting, but I wouldn't want it to be a GTA game. I want it to be it's own IP.

MysticStrummer1813d ago

Yeah I doubt the game would have GTA in the title. It would be more like RDR. I think the idea is great, partially... ok mostly... because I thought of it while playing RDR.

coolmast3r1813d ago

Why dislike? The situation is simple - GTA won't ever take place in futuristic setting (it will ruin the series), mark my words.

scotchmouth1813d ago

It would be fine as a dlc.

nevin11813d ago

So you guys cant see a Back To The Future style GTA?

Anyway, a futuristic setting will show some great creativity.

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The story is too old to be commented.