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Help name the next Naruto game

NAMCO BANDAI Games loves Hokage's Room so much that they are asking members for their input in naming the NARUTO PS3 Game that will be coming out later this year! Submit your suggestion here before it's too late! You only have until Friday to submit your suggestion!

The PS3 title is the proud successor of the Ultimate Ninja series while truly succeeding in becoming an advanced Naruto fighting game that is superior to any past Naruto games on every level... This is the new ago of Naruto gaming! (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, PS3)

Credit url: ps3fanboy.com
steviebomb  +   2713d ago
How about "Naruto: Revenge of the Rabid Yaoi Fangirl"?
HarryEtTubMan  +   2713d ago
Naruto: Year the Xbox starts flopping

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