Yarn Yoshi Discussion - Thoughts and Impressions

GameXplain: "We gathered the GameXplain crew to talk about our impressions of the recently announced Yarn Yoshi game for the Wii U."

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Samus HD2147d ago

yeah it´s great..
but i was expecting more like a SMW2 art style :(

LOL_WUT2147d ago

Interesting thoughts in the video looks good.

DivineAssault 2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

How are people happy about this? Kirby yarn was so easy & cheesy that i feel this will be similar.. Dreamland was the good one imo.. This is just an abomination & a waste of wii u potential.. 3DS could pump this game out.. lower res of corse but still

kirbyu2147d ago

You should remember we don't know much about this game yet. It'll probably suck, but it might not.

Nevers0ft2147d ago

I can't deny the "easy and cheesy" because it certainly was, but it was still bursting with charm. I'm fine with the cutesy yarn graphics (I found myself laughing at the game on occasion) but I agree that pretty much all Kirby games could do with a difficulty selector.

Drainage2147d ago

wish it was normal non yarn yoshi but whatever I hope its good.

Chard2147d ago

If it has similar gameplay to Yoshi's Island I'll be happy. Yoshi's Story on 64 was disappointing because it was too damn easy. From memory you couldn't actually die during the final boss.

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