Resident Evil: Revelations HD Available for Pre-Order

Amazon has made preorders for the HD version of Resident Evil: Revelations available.

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DivineAssault 1701d ago

ill be buying this on wii u or PS3 when its $30.. I refuse to pay $50 for a game i beat just cuz it has a few bonuses & HD treatment..

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Thirty3Three1701d ago

I want to be bubble'd up too :P

Anyway, in my opinion, it released on the 3DS for 40 dollars, so I wouldn't pay 50 for it.

Plus, it's a bit lack-luster compared to most other RE games, I've noticed. I'll wait 'til it reaches 20-30 bucks ^^

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Plagasx1700d ago

Definitely getting the PC version since I sold my 3DS XL before I could finish Revelations..