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Why Are People Complaining About PAL 50Hz Video Games?

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer.com writes: "What do you complain about in the video game world when there is literally nothing left to complain about? You dig into ancient PAL complaints and start moaning about them, apparently!"

And that’s exactly what happened this past week when some genius from Europe on an online video game forum “discovered” that their Wii U Virtual Console game (which they bought, by the way, for $0.30) were being run in 50Hz mode." (Nintendo, Wii U)

PirateThom  +   539d ago
The only time this was ever an issue for me was playing a ROM for Super Mario Kart and it was a US version and the speed difference threw me off but, unless it really breaks the game, it's not that big an issue because you're likwly playing the game in the rate you remember.
TruthbeTold  +   539d ago
From what I hear, it changes the quality of sound, as well as the difficulty in a game like Balloon Fight since you travel more slowly. I don't see it as complaining so much as asking for the version of the game they prefer.
RFornillos4  +   539d ago
i can understand the sentiment of some people complaining about it, but the fact that even Wii VC games have been set to 50Hz just indicates that Nintendo wants the gamers to play the games as they were originally set to for the region.

and yes, music is affected, but when you view the Balloon Fight comparison, the "slowness" of the music is more evident compared to the "slowness" of the gameplay which is practically negligible. and if you grew up playing Balloon Fight in 50Hz, you wouldn't have noticed the difference (unless you moved to an NTSC region area and played it again).

anyway, perhaps if people really clamored for it, Nintendo will listen. and an update in Wii U may give us the option to view it in 50/60Hz.
Nevers0ft  +   539d ago
Considering it's just the a ROM running in an emulator, just give all regions the option to select NTSC or PAL. Especially as some PAL games were modified to take advantage of the higher vertical resolution of PAL "back in the day".
Kingofwiiu  +   539d ago
Because 50HZ is inferior to 60HZ

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