7 Video Games That Are Going To Be Surprisingly Successful In 2013

After last week's article about promising games that are going to flop, we thought we'd list seven games that may just outperform expectations.

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CatXFlash2148d ago

Your time machine please I would like to see when VS XIII is coming out.

Godmars2902148d ago

You'll likely have to modify it for alternate realities.

DivineAssault 2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

nice! +bub but dont say that! i want that effin game as well as last guardian

Divine2148d ago

i think that most of the games that were mentioned in last week articles are games that will definetly make it

Divine2148d ago

im sure beyond will succeed just like the last of us " quality "

Thatguy-3102148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

It bugs me how it mentions TLoU will do below expectations. I for one know it won't do halo/COD numbers but I bet it will be as successful as the uncharted series which is pretty good. But can't wait to try Beyond:two souls and the next Quantic Dream game.

ZoyosJD2148d ago

WTF...TLoU already has every Uncharted players' purchase and appeals to an even wider audience so much that their are people buying the console just for this game.

Considering that this was made by the Uncharted 2 team and all the hype surrounding it, I would not be surprised if it sells between 7-9 million copies.

helghast1022148d ago

Oh yeah, Dark Souls II is going to blow up in sales in 2013.

It's not coming in 2013.

jagstar442148d ago

Really hope beyond gets amazing sales, we need more games like heavy rain and beyond

Relientk772148d ago

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD surprisingly successful? I think you mean suprising that its even on this list. Of course it'll be sucessful Wind Waker is an amazing game

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